Life Long Liberal Marcel Bourgon Refusing to Vote in Provincial Election Over HST – February 6, 2011 – HD VIDEO – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Politics is fascinating.  Some people seem to be born to one partisan party and never consider anything other than the party line.

Then there are others that make changes as their lives changes.

There’s an old adage about being crazy if you’re not a Communist when you’re under 25 and a Conservative after 50….

Personally I’m more issue centric.   I think it’s important to find the people that will work hard for the goals that you want from your government.

I realize that it’s near impossible to do that unless you’re Power Corporation, but I try and find the party that just might do something I like before I vote.

I was chatting with Marcel Bourgon of The Groomery on Montreal Road in Cornwall Ontario, who besides grooming pooches likes to wax political in between clips and shampoos.

Mr. Bourgon considers himself a life long Liberal supporter Provincially and Federally here in in Ontario, but is quite frustrated with the McGuinty government, enough so that we shot this video.

The dog said he was a green or wanted a greenie…..


What do you think Ontarian’s?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Not voting shows no one you are upset with something, but many of us share your “quite frustrated with the McGuinty government” part.

  2. I have voted for several parties over the years. This fall I will vote Liberal because they provide good government,especially compared to the alternatives. The HST is actually a benefit to small and big business in Ontario and it creates jobs. Not voting is a copout.

  3. You don’t vote, you have NO SAY!

  4. If you do vote then vote for any party but the Fiberals. We don’t want McGuinty winning by default!

  5. Hudak is sending out confusing messages re the HST and the health tax. He’s pretty clear about reducing the price of beer, so that should be good enough.

  6. Actually, on record Hudak said he would look at the beer pricing situation but he makes no promises. Just like he made 0 promises about abolishing the HST. And the reason why you may all ask? It’s because he has absolutely 0 intention of doing anything about the HST or the beer prices I say.. Just like he doesn’t respond to messages to him about what he plans on doing.. It’s all lip service, he is just trying to ride the coattails to power and then we’ll have a destabilized government and more of the same..

    It’s sad, but there really isn’t much choice these days on who is a class act and who should be voted for.. I say send a stark and clear message to both the Cons and the Libs.. vote anyone else, as a protest vote… It’s the only way either of the 2 major parties are going to understand that they should both be aiming much better then instead of their pockets!!

  7. Kermit says……”VOTE GREEN “……..Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….

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