Max Keeping Comes Out for the Troops at Red Ribbon Fund Raiser – HD VIDEO – February 12, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Max Keeping may be “retired” but he still works hard on causes he supports, and one very near to his heart are our Canadian Armed Forces.

Mr. Keeping braved the snow and winter to travel to Bonville Ontario where Eleanor Bookman and Brian Goodfellow honored the troops with a fund raising breakfast the at the Lion’s Club that Max attended.

The event was to raise money for the Red Ribbon Fund and help promote the group that raises funds to Support Canadian Troops; especially after their terms of service are up.

Max Keeping giving thanks to the Kitchen Crew


The Red Ribbon Support the Troops campaign has raised over $40,000 to date that they have given to various causes that support our troops and their needs.

It was amazing to see over 250 people fill the hall early on a Saturday morning.   Breakfast was hot and lovingly prepared by staff and volunteers and there  were speakers including MPP Mr. Jim Brownell,  Mayor Jim McDonell, who is in the offing to run for the seat for the Progressive Conservatives, City Councilor Maurice Dupelle from Cornwall also attended as did Ms Tammy Hart, Deputy Mayor for South Stormont Ontario.

Max Keeping Even Managed to Crack a Toronto Maple Leafs Joke!



Mayor Bryan McGillis of South Stormont was the MC for the event that honored the Troops and raised some funds on the day.


MPP Jim Brownell


Maurice Dupelle


You can’t have an event for the local Highlander troops without Bagpipes!


Mayor Jim McDonell of South Glengarry


Noticeably missing was the MP for SD&SG or anyone from his offices?   Several of those present asked that question, but no answer was given; especially odd in that Mr. Lauzon lives minutes from Bonville and is on the board of the Habitat for Humanity affiliate less than 1 KM away from the Lion’s Club?

But for those who attended it was a fine morning of good food, good company; and an aknowledgement to the sacrifices risked by those who put on our proud Canadian Armed Forces uniform and the appreciation that most Canadians have for them.

Mr. Goodfellow showed me the new Patch available from the Red Ribbon Forces website.   For more information about their organization and how to purchase your Red Ribbons and patches click the picture or CLICK HERE.

Several of the Troops Grouped up for a photo after the Breakfast!


To see even more video please view our You Tube Channel !

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  1. This was an amazing event. The community support is the greatest thanks that we as members of your Canadian Forces cherish.

    Many thanks to all that made it out and celebrated this part of our community.

  2. God Bless Our Troops

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