Letter to the Editor – Mark A MacDonald – Pointing out the Positive about SD&SG – February 13, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Mr. MacDonald with Hugo - Mascot for Cabane a Sucre

Dear Editor:

Recent local media reports stated that the Conservatives feel this Riding is “critical” for them and attempted to highlight the negative.  It’s important to point out the positive and that with the help of our well respected MPP Jim Brownell, we have done pretty well locally.

The Hospital upgrades,new Health Centre, Arenas, new roads, Paramedic Station, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Hospice, College upgrade, OPP Station, South Stormont Town Offices, St. Lawrence Parks upgrades and various Trillium Grants, are just a few positive things.

For the first time in over 20 years we have managed to build some much needed social housing units, both in Cornwall and Williamsburg.

Not too bad of a record considering all this was done during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

It is true that this Riding is critical, it’s critical that we keep moving forward.

Mark A MacDonald – Cornwall Ontario

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EOTBScott Beck


  1. “Recent local media reports stated that the Conservatives feel this Riding is “critical” for them and attempted to highlight the negative.”

    More attack ad’s, thats what the con’s are good at Mr. MacDonald.. And if they get their way with getting false news, who knows where else this will go..

    I do agree with you though, that the positives should be shown, not only in regards to the area, but the positives in what a particular team (in this case, the Con’s) can do for us, rather than pointing fingers at others like they usually do..

    I am not interested in what a particular party did in the past, I am interested in what the “CURRENT” party wants to do for us for the future.. and so far, no party has managed to show me their strong points, they just try to point out the weaknesses of the other parties..

  2. Mark,

    You really hit the truth. Our riding has benefited and grown considerably over the past 7 years with MPP Jim Brownell and the McGuinty government. The reality is that if people have anything to be afraid of it is the Conservatives. It was with the Hudak and Harris regime that hospitals closed, costs were downloaded to the municipalities, and people died while the government got out of the business of ensuring Ontarians were safe. Just look at any part of the riding and you will see the investments made during the time Jim has been our MPP.
    The conservatives suffer amnesia and forget their track record of neglect. I challenge them to put their record against that of the Liberals.

  3. Hey, to be fair, Hudak said he’d “CONsider” lowering the cost of beer.. lol.. 😉 That can’t be all bad.. at least I can numb out the madness with cheap beer if the Cons get in.. 😉

  4. Oh Man, It would take more than cheap beer to numb out the madness. The lingering stink of Mike Harris is still with us, and it is sickening.

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