Steve Jobs – What Burns Brightest Burns Shortest – Battles with Pancreatic Cancer and His Vision – February 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – In the movie Blade Runner the “Skin Jobs” simply do not want to die.  They want more life.  In a stunning scene their creator explains to Rutger Hauer’s character, Roy, that what burns brightest doesn’t burn longest.

Steven Jobs has had quite a life.   It’s not over yet and hopefully he can keep going.  He’s currently on medical leave from Apple and his every health note tips the stock up and down.

The tabloids are posting photos and having “medical opinions” offered, but the bottom line is that he helped change our lives in his time.   As founder of Apple, and one of the main engines at Pixar, his vision and innovation will be long remembered.

He’s not a perfect person; none of us are; but he’s been able to achieve his vision and work with people to create things that have changed society; some for the better, and some maybe not.

He amassed a huge fortune in the process of doing so as well.   I mean who doesn’t have an iPhone, or iPod lying around the house?   Or has ever bought a song on iTunes.    As ill as he is he’s still working trying to turn Apple into a pay vehicle for newspapers and magazines and of course there area all sorts of projects still in the pipes at Apple that were his “babies”.

It’s interesting to see the different paths taken by Mr. Jobs and Steve Wozniak, one of  the other founders of Apple.     Apple is Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs is Apple which is probably why the stock reacts to his health.   Mr. Wozniak ended up putting on music festivals and enjoys his success away from the spotlight and the company.

When Mr. Jobs returned to Apple in 1996 the entire company seemed to turn direction up and again if you thought Apple you thought Steve Jobs.

He’s also known for purchasing property and reconceptualizing it only to not take up residence and resell as he did his tower space in NY to U2s Bono and his long time property battle in California with Environmentalists.

Mr Jobs is apparently suffering from Pancreatic cancer which nobody really ever recovers from.  Although not as viscous a form as the type of cancer that recently took the life of Patrick Swayze, it’s still essentially fatal.  Where the life expectancy of this cancer is usually less than 5 years Mr. Jobs has now survived at least 7.   A fighter to the end.

It’s a lesson that all the money in the world cannot buy you health or life.    It also should be interesting to see what Mr. Jobs does with all of the wealth that he’s accumulated and will be flowing into his estate for years to come.

His long time adversary and competitor, and deep down probably friend, Bill Gates has charted a path to give away most of his massive fortune, but Mr. Jobs 6 Billion dollars could change a lot of things on this planet.

Maybe even help cure and treat the very disease that is draining his life?


From 1983



2001 iPod Intro


2011 after Liver Transplant


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