The Cornwall Free News Enters the Top Ten Thousand Websites in Canada – Comparisons to some other News & Political Sites in Canada – February 20, 2011

Cornwall ON – Hi Ottawa viewers of The Cornwall Free News.  I get questioned all the time about The Cornwall Free News and why Ottawa is our number one market?

It usually comes down to content and people from all over the world read us, but it’s nice to see our Nation’s Capital as our number one city.

We use as a measure of our traffic.  Alexa, an Amazon company,  ranks websites from all over the world and within a country as well.

As you can see we’re happy to have crested the Top 10,000 Websites in Canada.   Our next goal is to break that top 1000 Mark!

We checked some other newspapers or online magazines to get a handle on where we are and here are some of the results.

The Mark does an amazing job.  They have some super contributors and writers on staff, and have been around a  lot longer than we have.

Bourque Newswatch is the Drudge Report of Canada.  Pierre Bourque does a super job of snatching up the hottest headlines as they happen.  It’s also a great resouce.

The Hill Times has been covering Federal Politics forever.  They do a super job, and I read they frequently.

We’ve worked hard these first two years and will continue to strive to bring you the best we can on Canadian Politics, Sports, Entertainment and of course your voice.

We’re looking for new contributors this year.  If you have an area or subject you’re passionate about email us at   You can also email us or call us at 613 361 1755 if you have a tip or news story.   The Cornwall Free News always gives credit to submitted material and/or photos and video!

Thanks for the Love Ottawa and we’ll be returning it by doing more stories about you in 2011!

Cornwall Free News

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