6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Topples Steeple in Christchurch New Zealand – February 22, 2011

Cornwall ON – The World is watching as the people of Christchurch New Zealand dig out from a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake that is being called an aftershock from a 7.0 quake that rocked New Zealand in September.

Over 65 people are dead with many more injured and missing with searchers working non stop to dig survivors out from the rubble.

The greatest casualty so far is the Christ Church Cathedral.  The building from 1850 lost its steeple in the quake that has shaken this country in what their Prime Minister is referring to the darkest day in New Zealand history.

The ripples are even being suggested to cause nearby icebergs to break apart.

Assistance is flowing in from around the world as offers of help arrive from Australia to Canada.


We’ll be updating this story as it evolves.  If you have photos or video you’d like published email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

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