Letter to the Editor – Joe Hueglin of Niagara Falls Ontario Defends Bev Oda – February 23, 2011

Dear Editor,

The “Alerte-Info-Alert-bot memo about the situation involving International Development Minister Bev Oda, who stands accused by her political opponents of the serious charge of lying to Parliament” *.placed in the hands of Conservative M.P’s included the statement, “We stand by Minister Oda and her decision not to provide millions of dollars in advocacy funding to KAIROS.” *

That there were “millions in advocacy funding” ought to be substantiated or withdrawn “by the party and or PMO” *** that prepared it.

Only one cause has been mentioned to this point, that Minister Kenney stated in Israel as the cause of the funding being cut, anti-semitism..

The statement having been made it is incumbent upon the authors of the Alerte-Info-Alert-bot memo to validate, by reference to the request for funding, what the other cause(s) KAIROS was  advocating that led to Minister Oda’s decision.

Yours truly,

Joe Hueglin – Niagara Falls Ontario

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Scott Beck


  1. Then Bev Oda could have said, “hey, I don’t know who signed it but I did authorize (someone) to use my auto signing bot while I was flying to somewhere else”.. but nooooooooooo… She instead tried to play the dumb “I don’t know whats going on” game, and now the Cons are skating on thin ice trying to come up with excuse after excuse after excuse of what happened.. just like con men do..

    I would have had more respect for her to actually come out and tell it like that, then all this stupidity that has gone on so far with all this gong show.. and now… Bev Oda sez, give to the rich mining conglomerates more of the taxpaying Canadian citizens money so that it can be blown on that instead of yet again, giving it to the Canadian people in need.. for shame..

    If you should go skating, on the thin ice of modern life,
    Dragging behind you, the silent reproach, of a million tear stained eyes,
    Don’t be surprised if a crack in the ice, appears under your feet..
    You slip out of your depth, and out of your mind,
    with your fears flowing out behind you, as you claw the thin ice…

    The cons are skating on thin ice, the people are seeing it, and those that don’t, such as anyone defending Bev Oda or the Conservatives, are idiots..

  2. I believe Bev Oda said “I did (not) tell the truth.”

  3. I’m sorry but I just don’t understand what Mr. Hueglin is trying to say here. I’ve read it three or four times and it still doesn’t make any sense.


  4. Mr. Hueglin is just trying to make excuses like Harper and Oda do..

  5. Mr. Hueglin deserves nomination for an Academy Award for quacking like a Conservative.

  6. The “Cons” say ” “We stand by Minister Oda and her decision not to provide millions of dollars in advocacy funding to KAIROS.” * EXCEPT this is an untruth, a lie, a prevarication, a “Con” job!

    There is not “advocacy” by KAIROS –


  7. No one questions the right of the Minister to make decisions relative to her portfolio but everyone questions her right to tell lies to her parliamentary colleagues.

  8. So she’s a liar……move on…..next….

  9. Cojones Kid, It probably happens more than we know, but are suggesting that we should ignore it when they’re caught lying to Parliament? That’s a pretty basic breach of trust, even for a Con.

  10. As I wrote elsewhere and Joe Hueglin agrees (we have discussed it):

    The tale of KAIROS, Oda and Harper speaks of integrity betrayed by the bitterest politics. The minister’s admission was her resignation; that she was pressured requires Harper’s. Integrity demands it.
    Brian Marlatt
    White Rock, B.C.

  11. Absolutely, Brian. That’s accountability, and accountability was Harper’s promise.

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