Long Time Liberal Denis Sabourin Expected to Join Provincial Race in SD&SG Ontario to Succeed Popular MPP Jim Brownell – February 22, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario UPDATED It’s Official !

Cornwall ON – It looks like the run for the Liberal nomination in SD&SG Ontario is going to be a 3 horse race; although some are speculating that it may be as many as 5 shortly!

Long time Liberal mover and shaker and pundit on Seawayradio.com, Denis Sabourin is expected to make the announcement this afternoon that he will be joining Mark MacDonald and Pat Finucan in seeking to lead the Liberals Provincially after MPP Jim Brownell retires.

Mr. Sabourin also works on The Hill for MP Larry Bagnell, and has run for office before while also spending a number of years as a successful school board trustee.

When queried about the new name and names, Mr. Finucan replied:

“I welcome Denis Sabourin to the race and the competition for the nomination is good for the Liberal Party.”

Rumblings are still mentioning the names of Dean Hollingsworth and popular City Councilor, and Federal Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement who has refused to rule out a run provincially.

It should be a very interesting run leading up to the nomination.   The Conservatives locally still only have two nominees, while the NDP still have no person to step forward for their nomination.


Mr. Sabourin officially confirmed is intentions with the following press release this afternoon.

Denis Sabourin, a long-time community activist, former constituency worker and school board trustee announced that he is filing his papers to the Ontario Liberal Party in order to seek the provincial Liberal nomination for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

“Much of my career has been in working for the public  and I feel it is time now to do more for our region”, said Denis Sabourin.  While noting that he wishes to build on present MPP Jim Brownell’s legacy, Denis Sabourin indicated that he wanted to direct his attention to health, education, seniors,  economic development, the agricultural sector and the environment.

“My objective is to provide a strong voice to represent our unique urban and rural regions in order to help them fulfil their economic potential”, stated Denis Sabourin.  “I will be relentless in my efforts to consult and represent the aspirations of the people of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry”.

Mr. Sabourin,  is a well-known community activist who worked 11 years as an executive assistant to then former Stormont-Dundas Charlottenburgh Liberal MP Bob Kilger, as a  journalist and served 15  years as a school board trustee with the former Stormont-Dundas Glengarry and the amalgamated Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. He currently works on Parliament Hill as the Chief of Staff for Yukon M.P. Larry Bagnell, Official Opposition Critic for Arctic Issues and Northern Development.

In the next few weeks, Denis will be meeting with  voters throughout the riding to ask them to join him in his efforts to strengthen our community.

If you are interested in supporting Denis Sabourin in his bid to win the Liberal nomination in Stormont Dundas South Glengarry you can join the Ontario Liberal Party by going to the party website at www.ontarioliberal.ca and click on “Get Involved”  then click on  “Join.”

What do you think about the cast of options you have as a voter so far?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I smell the “Con” bandwagon going down around here finally.. especially with the wishy washiness of their leader Hudak. I mean come on, can someone make a firm stance for once for these guys instead of empty promises and hot air? He’ll “CONsider” lowering the cost of beer but no promises… the guy hasn’t made one promise yet so far that he can put a firm stance on and no wonder no one wants to join in on that bandwagon..

  2. Oh come on Grimmie. Cheap beer counts for something. Free beer would be even better, but that ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Agreed.. but the point was, someone needs to take a stance, and actually do it.. I hate to say it, Harris for example made a stance, and he did what he said he was going to do.. even if it hurt and a lot of people hated it, he still took his stance..

    Hudak = no stance.
    Harper = had a stance, but broke his promises in his greed for power.. no better than McGuinty for that matter but still…

    The apples don’t fall too far from the tree.. but in this case, Hudak who likes to speak a lot of hot air, has no real stance, and who the hell wants to join that?

  4. Grimmie, Did Harris promise to throw thousands of low income people onto the streets by slashing welfare benefits and killing rent controls? Did he promise to have the OPP blow away an unarmed aboriginal protester? Did he promise to make people die and get sick by firing food and water inspectors? Did he promise to sell off public assets, like Highway 407, at a fraction of the cost the taxpayers spent to build it? Did he promise to fire a thousand-odd nurses, and shut down a bunch hospitals? Did he promise to download social service costs on to municipalities? And on and on…

  5. Well, he did promise to create a crisis in education…
    Oh wait…we weren’t supposed to know about that. That was all behind closed doors with John Snobelen. Uhmm….forget I said anything…just go about your business…

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