So Would You Support an Indoor Dog Park? February 23, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So it’s February.  It’s freezing outside.   If you’re human and want some exercise you can go to a gym, but where does your dog go; especially if you’re tiny like my girl Lily seen in the picture on the left?

I received a call today and we ended up talking about that exact idea and then the person asked what I thought of an indoor dog park?

So I thought I’d ask you; our viewers of The Cornwall Free News.

Would you support an indoor dog park and if so how much would you pay?   By the month; the visit?  Yearly membership?

Here in Cornwall we have two out door dog parks being discussed.   Feel free to vote in our poll and post your comments below.  And for those of you that emailed; Lily is a 15 year old Basenji.

Would you Support an Indoor Dog Park in your community?

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  1. Perfect, lets make one of the pads at this new arena an indoor dog park for the taxpayers that got this arena shoved down their throats in the first place. It is afterall the taxpayer that paid for it!

  2. great idea…but for small dogs only? I have 2…one small, one big

  3. Author

    I agree Cathy. I’m thinking that small dogs have a tougher time in the winter than big ones 🙂

  4. Yup Grimmy you got the right idea. With 75% of the population being forced to pay up so that the other 25% can have an arena I see no reason why they’d balk at having an indoor dog park in the new place. Hey they even have staff on hand to clean-up if required.

  5. We can open another Tim Hortons too *lol*

  6. lol @ smee’s comment. That actually got me laughing. 😉

  7. Oh and btw I think your figures are wrong Cornwall Harry. I don’t think 25% of the residents wanted the arena either. But you are right. I’d say 95% of this city is paying up taxes to appease the possibly 5% of people who couldn’t even raise much more than a million for their most enjoyed activities. The other 34 million came from the taxpayer so they can enjoy their hockey… Again, a story of a select few ramming crap down the throats of the masses…

  8. I wish this would have been in affect but we’re 2015 now lol

  9. I support an indoor dog park and I love dogs very much. All people have to do is to “tiptoe through the tulips” remember Tiny Tim’s song those of us old enough to remember. Tip toe through the tulips with me… Millions of dollars of stolen money from Willie Wise and I would not set foot there on stolen property. It is also full of cancer in that soil so what is the difference to add a little fertilizer as an extra bonus.

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