Habs Lose to Leafs in Montreal 5-4 – Auld Pulled in First – Kessel scores 2 – Leafs Riding Reimber to Play offs? NHL Scores and Trades – February 24, 2011

Cornwall ON – Hey Pierre Gauthier made a trade!   He acquired much traveled and one ugly looking gomer of a Defenseman named Brent Sopel.  Sopel was described today as an older slower Josh Gorges.   I’m not sure that was worth a 4th and Ben Maxwell who I thought had more potential than given.

Oh the Habs get Nigel Dawes too, for whatever that’s worth.   GM Gauthier stated that he’s not saying much until the trade deadline which has many expecting another Habs move before Monday night.

The Sens dumped Alex Kovalev for a Conditional 6th or 7th draft pick.   I think Big Dawg has the record for the most trades for the least value in a career….

Montreal lost to Toronto at the Bell Centre putting the Leafs four points out of a play off spot!   Now that’s some Buckley’s to swallow down!   Alex Auld again proved that he really shouldn’t be the back up for this squad and maybe not even in the NHL as he had to be replaced by Price before the 1st period was over.

In other NHL games the Flyers held on to beat the Islanders in OT 4-3, and Dallas beat Detroit 4-1.    As of press time  Chicago was ahead of Nashville 2-0.   St.Louis vs Vancouver and Minnesota vs LA hadn’t started yet.

Whatcha think Leaf Fans?  Will your team make the play offs?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Hey all you Habs fans, my car is at Carstar on Rosemont Ave….have at it!

  2. Reg – Why do you want Habs fans to have at it? As a Leafs fan your are fully capable of wrecking your own car. If the Leafs make it into the playoffs, and I hope they, maybe the Leafs will also have a reason to celebrate … it has been a long long long long long long long long wait and they may go a bit crazy too..

  3. Most of us Leaf Fans realize it’s only a game. Win or lose the world will still turn. Now the Habs fans lose a bit of their soul and brain cells with every lose. That’s why they have this violent streak in them.

  4. Woohoo!! A car to set on fire!! 😀 Which car is it Reg?

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