Letter to the Editor – Mr. Eugene Parks of Victoria British Columbia Not Happy With MP’s Elections Canada Statements – March 2, 2011

Dear Editor,

Sixty-seven conservative candidates knowingly submitted false statements to Elections Canada, including 10 conservative members of parliament.


The matter has been tried in court and they have been found guilty by the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal for falsifying returns.


The appropriate legal remedy for violating the elections act is that they be barred from parliament. Those candidates who are themselves also members of the legal profession should be disbarred. It was a money laundering scam, they have been caught, and found guilty.

Eugene Parks   -Victoria BC

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  1. hear hear!

  2. Eugene nails it again. It seems that rules and laws are just minor inconveniences to the Harper gang. Even the concepts of common decency and fair play are foreign to them.

  3. Eugene, buddie I see you a cult following of two here. Haven’t seen you post in the LFP in a while. We miss your outragous attacks on the current sitting Government. Was it to hot in the kitchen for you buckaroo, Just asking? I’m going to have to tell everyone where I found you. Nice to see that you have made friends with the fringe element in your neck of the woods. Later Eugene we willl be looking for your posts.

  4. Holy Jumpin’! Is that you Ed?…My banjo pickin’ bud from London? Are you and Darryl and Paul Sheppard still practicing banjo licks in your mom’s basement on Friday evenings? Hope all is well with you, and Iris says hi too.
    BTW, this place is a hell of a lot better to hang out than the LFP.

  5. Sorry Jamie, let me introduce you to Ed. Ed comes from the “extreme right” of the political spectrum, but has an ascorbic wit, and a way with words that few can equal. Most people would consider him an a-hole, but he is an amusing a-hole.

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