Winchester District Memorial Gain Funding to Implement Late Care Nurse Initiative – March 3, 2011

Winchester ON – The McGuinty government is helping an eastern Ontario hospital retain experienced and valuable nurses in its workforce.


Winchester District Memorial Hospital in Winchester has been selected to receive $21, 574 to implement the Late Career Nurse Initiative (LCNI).  The LCNI will allow nurses 55 years of age and older to spend more of their work time in less physically demanding nursing roles.


This initiative will help to retain late career nurses, provide a healthy work environment for nurses and allow them to transfer their knowledge to novice nurses. Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) is a 63 bed hospital comprised of 46 acute care and 17 complex continuing care beds.  It is also a rural teaching hospital affiliated with 14 universities and colleges, including the University of Ottawa and St. Paul’s University.


Quality healthcare at the WDMH is supported by 150 physicians in fields of such as Paediatrics, Family Medicine, Geriatrics and Cardiology.


Jim Brownell, MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry “I am very pleased the WDMH has been granted this wonderful opportunity which will allow for experienced nurses to guide new nurses beginning their careers.”

Said Jim Brownell, MPP for Stormont-Dundas South Glengarry.


“This program demonstrates the beneficial properties of experience and teamwork.”   Lynn Hall, Vice President Clinical Services/Chief Nursing Officer Winchester District Memorial Hospital”The goal is to keep these nurses in the workforce longer by providing alternative roles for a portion of their work time,” explains Lynn Hall, Vice President, Clinical Services. “We can all benefit from their experience.”


Since 2004, over 1,200 organizations have been approved to receive Late Career Nurse Initiative Funding.

• $80 million over seven years for the Late Career Nurse Initiative, to help ensure over  15,000 experienced nurses stay on the job longer .

To learn more click HERE to visit the Nursing Secretariat .

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  1. $21,574 sounds like the change in Dalton Mcguinty’s pocket.

  2. Just want to know why is this funding granted to WDMH and not others, incl., CCH, HGMH, HGH, as they are just as deserving of this funding initiative for rural Ontario Hospitals?

  3. “Bravegirl” Your point is very well taken ! The Winchester Memorial, is constantly in the press with what I feel are very positive stories & accomplishments, such as the one you make mention of. Maybe, they have more interest in their RN staff & realize that the experience they have, as older RN’s is invaluable. One would think, that retention of experienced staff would be a priority ?

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