Your Daily Throwayz’ by Jay Schwartz and What’s It’s All About! – March 3, 2011 – Gnome – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So a lot of you sent in emails asking about Jay Schwartz’s Thowayz’ Comic strip and he sent in the following to help a bit with the characters.

‘Throwayz’ is set in a vast dump/scrapyard, which is home to various bizarre inhabitants.

Our heroes are Dregz, Warren, and Fooze. Dregz is a cracked, unbalanced, anarchistic cup of coffee (he never sleeps); Warren the Pineapple is optimistic, conscientious and strives to be the voice of reason in the face of Dregz’ misanthropy; and Fooze is a creature comfort sponge, a cat of few words – he loves his pajamas, and everything else.

These guys inhabit the dump with various other weirdos and spend their time foraging for wild and wonderful junk, which they use to build their homes, sustain themselves, and, naturally, create outrageous machines and silly weaponry.

I like classic-style strips whose strengths lie in complex visuals, sight gags, and expressive faces. Throwayz employs these in combination with quirky humour, giant guns, and occasional subtlety.

Enjoy the weirdness… all feedback is appreciated.

And without further delay here’s today’s Throwayz’ !

Please CLICK the strip to enlarge it.

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