Liberal Nomination Meeting Fills the House in Cornwall – SD&SG team Ready for Hotly Contested Riding! – March 4, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The Best Western PLUS Parkway Inn & Conference Centre was abuzz Thursday night as nearly 100 Provincial Liberal members came out in the frigid cold, with a Habs game on the tube to listen to the three candidates to replace popular MPP Jim Brownell.

There were no attacks at each other.  No dramatic fist thumping and nose tweaking.  It was all about the core issues.

Health Care, Education, and vision.   Mark A MacDonald talked about Green Jobs and having more degree programs available at St. Lawrence College.

He pointed out that the youngest member and person in the crowd was only 14 and that the challenge for the party was getting more and younger people interested in politics.   As a matter of fact many in the crowd were sporting Mark MacDonald tags.

Pat Finucan talked about how education needs to start at younger years pointing out to a new program that had parents educating their children as early as 18 months.

He also was pragmatic and focused on the realities of the current economy stating that a $300 Million dollar investment in a University Campus for Cornwall wasn’t realistic with the current needs and population base.

He also said a key focus for healthcare has to be “Prevention, Prevention, and Prevention”, and pointed out Akwesasne as a potential untapped partner for growth and development.

Denis Sabourin had a distinct advantage.  The long time politico is making his second attempt to be the Liberal MPP of the area and ran for MP in the last Election.  He currently works for MP Larry Bagnell of The Yukon and is very politically astute.     He also agreed that prevention was a key and talked about the impact and success of previous Liberal governments in the area.

We’ll have all the video from the evening posted in our follow up story shortly!

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  1. Hello once again,

    Now this is the reason I am not a Liberal voter/supporter, No offense to Mark A MacDonald he’s a superb Cornwall resident and leader BUT the Liberal government seems to focus on the same three subjects… Money, money and more money, not for you or I but for their own pocket liners.

    I as a Cornwall/Canadian resident have been watching political parties devour our community with their promises to better our city with next to no outcome of their promises after election., Sorry but after twenty seven years of living in Cornwall, not a whole lot has changed but extinction of factories and jobs.

    Health care is not in need of increase, human beings need to take better care of themselves on a daily basis instead of “It’s okay, I’ll go see the doctor.” How about we stricken down on health care to show the province of Ontario that we’re abusing it ? a $300 Million dollar investment in a University Campus for Cornwall wasn’t realistic with the current needs and population base ? But Kingston Ontario has a university campus and Kingston has just double our population, get with it… Cornwall is just another overlooked and denied city because of our reputation across Canada., How many people have you heard say “Cornwall ? Isn’t that the city that stinks like feet ?” or “Cornwall ? Murder capital of Canada ?”, again… think about it, Cornwalls reputation is nationally stained and their isn’t enough bleach to clean it out.

    Akwesasne as a potential untapped partner for growth and development ? when will this happen ? Sounds like another politicians strategic lie to gain the aboriginal vote.

    I would love to run for a position in the political field, unfortunately I am too honest.

  2. Sorry Anron, I don’t see the logic in your argument. The world is fat and lazy argument is too old for me and only shows your contempt for people. If you’ve done your homework at all, even lately, you’d know that the Tories have been but lying on major issues since they’ve been in power, are currently being held in contempt of parliament as we speak, and have adapted an American crony political tactics that we all should be ashamed of. It only leaves me scratching my already sore head. You must love you country when you agree that once again, tax cuts have gone to the major corporations, equaling 11.5 billion dollars this year alone when issues on pension plans and IE and left hugely ignored (passed the buck to the next guy). Health care and education are what should define any great country, I work in the health care field and you must understand that people do grow old, and people do get cancer and are born with genetic diseases, let alone proper funding for mental care etc… There a lack of doctors and nurses, that should tell you enough, we do work hard in life for our money, we all know that, therefore the last thing we need is tax cuts to the banks and oil companies, and purchases like new fighter jets! The Tories have lied big time on saying how they are fiscally responsible by leaving out the truth about our economy being healthy and unscathed by the 2008 recession because of them; when actually it was the Liberals who had implemented the bank regulations that have allowed our country to be among the healthier ones today. I only pray and hope enough care is given towards how we are seriously being mislead by the Tories. We all have the right to know that they only have the bigger campaign budget because big corporations are getting their tax cuts while getting our great country into more dept, spending beyond our means into war fighting machines.

    Best regard, I hope year 25 will be different in your political outlook on life.



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