Trouble with Traci No More – Traci Trottier Tenders Cheque in Court – Mix 96 Leaves Her to Swing in the Wind on Her Own – Cornwall Ontario – March 4, 2011

Cornwall ON – So I spent a morning in court today instead of working.   Instead of going to the city budget council and heckling Councilor Grant; instead of scribbling stories; instead of reading; or helping our clients and sponsors, or helping our viewers with issues you call in or email about.

For many of you that know we issued suit against Mix 96’s Parent company and Traci Trottier.   Ms Trottier, after ending her long time employment with Cornwall Corus station 104.5 was giving music lessons with no local radio prospects.

We reached out and listened to Traci.  She talked about not wanting to do remotes; how important it was to have time to spend with her children, and how important Cornwall and this community is to her and how important it is to be local.

After much discussion and meetings we moved forward.   We had a signing ceremony at the Cornwall Farmer’s market on Saturday August 21, 2010.



It was exciting times for us as as we were new and struggling.   Traci’s former Boss, Scott Armstrong, who also was let go nearly at the same time as Ms Trottier; while President of the Chamber of Commerce had suggested we were a non-legal station he’d do something about?  (Mr. Armstrong is now working in radio in Winnipeg for a non-Corus station)

As a media outlet that cherishes the local and community focus even if it costs us money we were quite happy to have a long time local radio voice on board.   On that Monday following, our first day making calls on sponsors, Cornwall showed it cared about Local as we signed up some right away and not a single “no” was given.

Well that Tuesday things got weird and by that Thursday we were informed that US station Mix 96 had asked her to work for them.    The nightmare that followed ended today in court as Ms Trottier tendered us a cheque after we issued suit against Mix 96’s parent company and Ms Trottier for breach of contract.

The real villain in this case is Mike Guimond and his station as they knew of Traci’s contract with his and moved ahead anyway.  (She revealed her contract to them even though she had a non-disclosure agreement and a no-compete clause)  The station owners didn’t even respond to the lawsuit, nor did they show up to support Ms Trottier.  They left her to swing in front of the judge on her own.

That doesn’t condone her accepting employment with a US company that sucks advertising dollars out of Canada; nor does it condone the gossip I’ve personally had to endure, or the financial hardship we’ve had to endure; something many of you who own small businesses can understand.

We acted in extreme good faith trying to resolve this issue and even acquiesced to Traci’s suggestion that she work for both stations.  We took a meeting with Mr. Guimond, but Mike wouldn’t oblige us on the two basic conditions we had; for 90 days no going after our clients and for 90 days having price integrity on the shows for ad time.

I could go on, but frankly it’s a sad and twisted tale that we didn’t need to have to deal with.  For my part I apologize to any of our sponsors that have had to endure some of the gossip and innuendo that seemed to flow from this nasty bit of business. is still on the air.   We have yet to find a local morning show host.    As soon as we find that special local voice our morning show will begin.   It’s not easy being small, but we try hard and appreciate all of the support we’ve had since this unfortunate incident happened.

2011 is going to be a very good year.  We promise to work hard to earn your viewership.   And kudos to Cornwall’s top Para-legal, Jim Moak for expertly handling this case for us.

Jamie Gilcig – Seaway Media

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  1. Sorry, but for one of the first times on your site, I don’t agree with this article. The issue is over today as you said, but this is kind of pushing it too far as far as I am concerned. Jamie, try to be the better man that I know you are.

  2. Congrats on the win… vindication… and now we can focus on all the positives that Cornwall offers, exciting people, opportunites for greatness, and business growth.

  3. I guess Traci Trottier had her comeuppance in court. Hopefully she has learned her lesson that it pays to be honest and trustworthy. Great news Jamie!

  4. Author

    Actually Grimalot Traci trying to have me arrested on made up charges is crossing the line. Yes, I’ve heard that this story is kinda…..harsh…but so was having to go through this. Denis Carr, one of our City Councilors shared that he thought I was a reasonable person.

    I thought about his words today as I agreed to settle. The lies that have spouted from this mess, from almost day one, has hurt our business and frankly given me brief pause to actually move the paper from Cornwall.

    I’ve worked very hard, as have quite a few others to make the Cornwall Free News what it is today. I’m very proud of this accomplishment; not only for me, but for Cornwall. Sadly there are a few groups of people that seem to have worked nearly as hard and continue to work hard to put us out of business.

    When I deal with people outside of this city; consultants, politicians, other media, etc, they can’t believe what I’ve endured while building this business locally from certain areas. There’s an interview with me coming out soon about this journey so far and more will come out then.

    Thanks for the other comments, emails, and phone calls. I too am glad this is over. Now to try and build forward in as positive manner as possible. Sometimes standing up for yourself and for what’s right has a deep cost. I know I’ve paid a big price, and someone told me today if I’d just let all this go I’d be in better shape; but I bet Traci or other Traci’s out there think twice before trying to screw someone over like this again.

    And if I’ve helped one person then it truly was worth it.

  5. Hey Grimmie, What’s that all about?
    Must feel good to have all this BS done with. Onward and upward, Jamie!

  6. So why don’t you post what really happened? According to Traci on her FB she won in court not you?

  7. Author

    lol, if she won why did she tender us a cheque in court? Is she telling whoppers again? Feel free to email a screen cap of her statement to

  8. This website is not a reputable news source. It’s basically just all BS. But, of course, everyone probably already knows that. I mean–c’mon!–doesn’t require much intelligence to see right through all the bs. In fact, I doubt my submission will even be posted. I strongly suspect a sad, despicable, self-loathing nutcase cowering behind this weak attempt of legitimacy–whom will eventually self-destruct, as all cowards eventually do anyway.

  9. He is just a weak, scared rat cowering in the corner.

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Cornwalls one and only Gong show.Staring Cornwalls one and only Mr.Jamie Gilcig owner and operater of the one and only Cornwall free news and his band of loyal followers.Please feel free to comment on any article his paper has to offer. But it better be to agree with his opinions because if not he might not let it through.
    Hope the settlement pays your salary for the next 10 years.

  11. Onward and Upward without looking back or having any regrets……and to have to be one real piece of work…Keep up the good work Jamie

  12. High Profile Lady. Is that you, Traci? Into the sauce were we?

  13. Ah, methinks we see a trace of Traci using the acronym of High Profile Lady. I didn’t think she would just accept responsibility for her actions and move on. I suspect some council-ling is required.

  14. HPL doesn’t sound like much of a “lady” to me. Must be TT or a friend posting anonymously. Get a life!

  15. A victory? You asked for 25G – you got 750$ and the judge put you to shame. Enough Jamie enough…find a hobby or something – or else save your time when I take you to court for defamation and slander.

  16. Author

    Traci we accepted the amount we did because of your uncontrolled crying and the judge appealing on your behalf. We accepted because unlike you I’m not a monster. I accepted the deal because Mix 96, the true villains were not present and because my time is valuable and the bottom line is we won.

    You broke the law. You would not have written a cheque unless you knew you were wrong. Your whole defense was based on your lies and after the judge clearly stated that you signed a valid contract the only issue was how much the damages were.

    I let you off the hook because I have humanity, humility, and chose the high road to take my win, prove my point, and move on. Your actions since show my error in simply not going to court and nailing you and the station for every penny the courts would be willing to have us receive. Next dumb dumb who doesn’t think there are laws and that contracts don’t count we won’t make that mistake again.

  17. High Profile Lady is probably Jamie in disguise. And all the others that follow are probably him as well. Does anyone really believe Jamie? Seriously, comments are regulated–he allows only some comments through–the one’s that he likes and can use in support of HIS own opinions. This site has nothing to do with news but everything to do with Jamie’s likes and dislikes. Rediculous. This guy’s a fraud, and a joke to the community. He makes Cornwall look trashy, weak, and lame.

  18. Thank YOU Not TT!! I wrote a cheque to make the man go away – and leave me and my family alone.

  19. Author

    Traci you wrote a cheque because the alternative was to go to court, and have to write a much bigger one. You were given a free pass essentially and now you’re crapping all over it.

  20. Ummm no Jamie – as the judge told you – going to trial would have hurt you big time…and I think that’s where we are going loser.

  21. Author

    Hi Traci, would you like us to publish a transcript? There was a witness to the case. Again, you wrote the cheque, you lost. It’s over. Move on and get a life. And yes, no more posts for you here. You don’t deserve the air time.

  22. Holy Jumpin’! If Traci got off with only coughing up $750, she’d be wise to consider herself fortunate and STFU.

  23. Author

    Yes Furtz. The goal was to make the station pay as they initiated the breach of contract. My goal wasn’t to bleed a single mother no matter how nasty, heartless, and evil she may be. The shrieking phone calls to myself (including the one she made only minutes ago) , my legal rep, and the Glenn Close dramatics just are beyond what anyone should go through.

    It’s over. She lost. Time to move on. There’s news to cover like the 100th Anniversary of the International Women’s Day event we covered today and the great 30 minute video interview we did with four local politicians. It’s time to focus on Women that make a difference in the community in a positive way.

  24. Jamie, Probably best to just consider it all done with, not allow further comments on the subject, and if necessary, get a cease and desist order to deal with the phone calls.

  25. Author

    Yes Furtz. That’s the idea. While I can never recover the financial damage caused by Ms Trottier and her drinking buddies the story was the end of this for me and now we can move on.

  26. Hey, NotTT, first off I see right through you.. Second off, as you can tell, Jamie lets the comments through even if they differ from his opinion. I posted my dissatisfaction at this article because of the pictures drawn. I think that crosses a little line and that is my personal opinion. I let Jamie know that it was too far and to be the better man. And if you could read properly, you’d see that was the first comment up.

    Now talking about being the better person, I associate those pictures above as being immature and right along the antic’s of people like you, Traci, the anonymous posters that are trying to spread whatever information through their posts above, etc. The issue is done, Traci lost, Jamie collected his cheque, and that should have been it.

    Now while I still feel that the pictures above opened a can of worms again, the continued actions of Traci, yourself, HPL, etc, just show how stupid and immature this whole situation is. I’m sure Jamie will grow up and learn from this situation, however I don’t hold my breath for the rest of you..

    Jamie, you should pull those pictures down, but otherwise I don’t blame you for not pulling them down at this point if these idiots continue with this..

  27. Oh Grimmie, it’s the weekend. Why not just smoke a bat and drink a beer or two? Time to relax.

  28. Why cant the truth just be told. Traci would have brought in a larger audience that could have resulted in bigger ad sales for the CFN. However a well established company offered her a job with a guaranteed income, and as a adult who needs to pay her bills, she took the guaranteed money. The classy way to handle this was to just let her go and wish her success in her future endeavors. However it appears that the admin here was more concerned by his own image and meager existence. He stood up for no one else but himself as he was the sole benefactor of this debacle as it brings him the coveted traffic he so desires.

    Remember pundits, it is easy to pretend to be a flag ship for small business when no big business will go near you with their advertisement dollars. Let me lay that one ya.

  29. I’m sorry but Admin is not the only person involved here. I am also an owner of the company and I too am trying to earn an honest income from my investment. There is also all of the current advertisers on our site. They are trying to earn an income as well. The increased traffic would have benefited them by exposing their products and services to more people in Cornwall. I would like to know what benefit that American radio station has for the people and businesses in our city?

    Ms. Trottier was given an opportunity to negotiate a fair transition but she refused to discuss any compromise. The radio station was informed of her contract with us and they were given the opportunity to discuss a compromise. The only option open to any business in this situation is to seek a settlement in court which is what we did.

    Contracts must be honoured for the sake of the market place and economy, ask any conservative.

  30. Wow!! I had no idea all this was going on behind the scenes. I think I’d like to start a gossip colum (for real!!), I think it would work for your paper as an added feature. Surely, there seems to be enough stuff laying around just waiting to be brought into the light!!

  31. If your the owner also Reg. Then i hope you get your fair share of the settlement.If i were you,s i would split the settlement with the advertisers .After all there the real losers right.

  32. Yo Traci. Time going slowly for you?
    Waiting for something to happen?

  33. Not slow at all – have to keep up with my boys – remember family? Respect it?
    And that 750$ came from Mix – faulty reporting once again. Atleast I can post my name unlike others…LOL.

  34. Yes traci trottier you can always post a name that ain’t worth sh*t.

  35. Ask my kids dude…take a shot at that – and it will make my legal matter better supported.

  36. Sorry guys but any reply to traci (if it really is her) is just perpetuating the confrontation and giving her a soapbox. It’s time to stop.

  37. Author

    You’re right Reg. Guys please stop posting to her. I just let her post at this point to stack up evidence of her behavior, and for the record the only ID’s I post with are Admin or my name. And it’s been that way since day one of The Cornwall Free News. Same as when I post on The Free Holder; my name is always included.

  38. 10-4 Jamie. I just thought the “Tick Tock” post was curious.

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