Celebrate Ontario Grants to Alight at Night Festival and Cornwall Lift -Off Boost Tourism in Eastern Ontario – March 7, 2011

Queens Park ON Ontario is helping festivals and events in Morrisburg and Cornwall to boost tourism, generate economic activity, welcome new visitors to the region, and support and create new local jobs.

The province is providing funding for various events and festivals organized by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) and the Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off.  For example, the SLPC’s Alight at Night Festival in Morrisburg received an investment of $75,000.00.


Meanwhile, the funding received by the Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off in Cornwall was $23,933.00.  This support will help these festivals and events further enhance their programs and services to attract new audiences, increase visitor spending and create jobs.  Events and festivals give visitors new reasons and ways to experience Ontario.


They also provide Ontario families and visitors the opportunity to enjoy accessible and affordable activities. Celebrate Ontario supports the province’s Open Ontario Plan to strengthen our economy and create new opportunities for jobs and growth.


“These local festivals and events not only provide fun activities for families in our community, but they also help our local businesses.  This support is helping these festivals grow and attract more visitors, create new jobs and generate economic activity for Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry.” — Jim Brownell, MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry


“Tourism is a billion dollar business that supports over three hundred thousand jobs.  Festivals and events play a key role in attracting visitors, supporting jobs, and generating economic activity while enhancing our quality of life in communities across Ontario.”  — Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism and Culture


“Special events play an instrumental role in profiling and highlighting the unique features of our heritage attractions.  Event funding from Celebrate Ontario provides us with much needed support that allows us to grow our events and to improve visitor experiences.”— Jancis Sommerville, Special Events Officer – Eastern Attractions, St. Lawrence Parks Commission

Other changes to Ontario liquor laws also include: extending hours of special events from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. and making all-inclusive vacation packages available in Ontario.  Every year, festivals generate more than 22,000 jobs in Ontario.  Celebrate Ontario 2011 is providing $20 million to over 230 festivals and events.  Since 2007, the province has invested $57 million through Celebrate Ontario to enhance almost 800 festivals and events.   In 2008 alone, tourism spending in Ontario was $22 billion and supported 300,000 jobs.

See a list of Celebrate Ontario 2011 recipients HERE .

Are you an event organizer?  There’s still time to apply for the Celebrate Ontario Blockbustercategory to bid on and host major one-time festivals and events.  The deadline is June 7, 2011. Read Celebrate Ontario success stories.  Discover travel experiences in Ontario.

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