Please Stop Roadside Spraying by David Rawnsley – March 8, 2011

Please stop spraying the County roadsides with herbicides.

Please remove the line-item for the Chemical Treatment of the Counties Roadsides from the budget for the Counties’ Roads Department. Thank you.

Stop wasting our tax dollars with your roadside spraying program.

Mowing the roadsides is the most effective means of managing weeds. Only use chemicals in those situations when all other options have been exhausted.

Please send any of the above messages or one of your own to the following people:

Michael Waddell (County CAO)
Ben de Haan (County Engineer)
Steven Byvelds (Warden of the United Counties)

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for your area:

S. Glengarry: Jim McDonell
Ian McLeod
N. Glengarry: Grant Crack
Chris McDonell
S. Stormont: Brian McGillis
Tammy Hart
N. Stormont: Denis Fife
Bill McGimpsey
S. Dundas: Steven Byvelds
James Locke
N. Dundas Eric Duncan
Gerry Boyce

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