Apparently Peter Byvelds Did Not Know That Voting More than Once is Against the Rules?? -March 9, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Peter Byvelds of Brinston Ontario really loves to use his Democratic right to vote.  So much so that he’s been charged with voting more than once in the election that put his cousin  in as Mayor of South Dundas.   Peter also donated a generous $400 to the Progressive Conservative party in 2008.

Mayor Steven Byvelds won his election by 433 votes.

It’s not been announced yet if the elections officer is going to examine or take any action to investigate the voting as of press time.   There were a lot of rumblings of voting irregularities in several ridings; especially those that introduced electronic and remote voting this last municipal election round.

Peter Byvelds is due in Provincial Court in Cornwall Ontario on April 5, 2011

Cornwall Free News

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  1. That’s hilarious! A conservative supporter allegedly voting multiple times for his brother in one election? These danged election rules and laws sure are a pain in the a$$, aren’t they? Actually the two Byvelds are said to be cousins in the MSM.

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