Scott Beck Catches Up With The Tim Hortons Brier This Weekend in London Ontario

Cornwall ON – Scott Beck is our special correspondent to the Tim Hortons  Brier this weekend in London Ontario.

As we complete the 13th draw as the Brier, the quality of the competition is evident by the close race to finish first.

Martin and his Alberta rink seems to have bounced back from their first loss in three years with a resounding win against Saskatchewan, winning 11-3 in 7 ends.

Laycock must next face the former World Champion Manitoba team while Alberta has a bie until they meet Manitoba in the 14th Draw.  BC beat the flamboyant Quebec team in extra ends, achieving the 8-7 victory after 11 ends, the same number of ends it took Northern Ontario to beat the experienced Ontario team led by Howard.

In the 13th Draw, Howard finished his game in 5 draws, taking an 11-1 lead before PEI conceded.  Saskatchewan forced Manitoba to work for their 7th win playing to the 11th end before it was decided in a 6-7 well fought match.

As it stands after 13 draws, there is a 4 way tie with 7 wins each for Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Newfoundland  with Alberta and Manitoba playing each other next.

Jeff Stoughton curled a perfect game for Manitoba as the top two teams met last night, posting a 5-1 win over the Olympic Champion from Alberta, Martin.  This is only the 8th skip in Brier history to post the elusive perfect game and Manitoba takes a hold of first place all by themselves with a 3 way tie for second.

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