Zdeno Chara Let Off the Hook – No Suspension While Pacioretty Concussed with Broken Vertabrae – TAKE OUR POLL – March 9, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Yesterday at this hour young Max Pacioretty was thinking about how to beat the Boston Bruins.

After Zdeno Chara brutally steerd the Habs young power forward into the edge of the protective glass barrier head first he’s lucky to be alive; albeit with a heavy concussion and broken vertabrae.

In an even more shameless move the NHL has deemed what was clearly a brutal attack a non suspensionable action.

What really clouds this in a stink is that Boston Bruins player Gregory Campbell’s father is the head of Discipline for the NHL.    Why the NHL allows anyone to be in this position with a son in the league surely is bizarre and totally inappropriate.

Today is a dark day for Max Pacioretty.

The good news is that this young potential star player is alive and hopefully will recover, but his young career is in jeopardy while Mr. Chara will be back on the ice.

This is a darker day for the NHL and Commissioner Gary Bettman who puts the entire integrity of the league into question.

Personally; I think it’s time for a house cleaning.   Bye Gary Bettman, Bye Colin Campbell.    Zdeno Chara?  Bye until Max Pacioretty recovers.   Todd Bertuzzi was punished for far longer for a much lesser attack.

If you watch the video of the attack you can see that Mr. Chara put his arm out leaving Pacioretty no real room to avoid his near death collision.


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