Do Massive Ad Dollars Spent by Harper Government Tilt the Media? Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – March 10, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – As election rhetoric heats up we are being flooded by ads on TV for Canada’s Economic Action Plan.   Like most propaganda it’s pushing a lot of buttons, but is there any substance to this plan?

For most Canadians the answer is a resounding no.   Sure, here in my community, Cornwall Ontario, we have a new and very expensive arena to now maintain, and some infrastructure help, but those construction jobs will be done soon.

As a small company I’ve had zero benefit from the plan.    With record deficits does it make sense to spend in excess of $20 million dollars on ads for this program?  And now another $4M on promoting the upcoming budget?  That is if there’s not a non-confidence vote before?   I’d rather see those dollars spent helping Canadian families, or war vets, or keeping the home reno tax credit alive.

This also brings up some darker questions and those are do these vats of cash spent on advertising play a role in the media’s reaction to the Harper Government?  For example, am I writing this simply because we have not had a single ad ever from them?   Valid question and any answer I print of course can be reacted to.

But what about larger media that make millions from Conservative attack ads and quasi government ads like that Canada Action Plan which in the end are no more than thinly veiled propaganda for the Harper Government.

Does anyone even have the time to care or are we all working harder to pay for these ads?

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  1. More of the same from a party and a government with a single priority: power for themselves at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

  2. Correction: it’s not the Harper Government, it’s the Government of Canada.

  3. The so called attack ads are paid from donations to the conservative party, not out of tax revenue.( although a small percentage can go be applied at tax time)
    I believe the 20 million is helping an industry under pressure from the internet. When there is an election, much of the 300 million goes back to Canadians working the polls and to commuinty centers hosting a poll.

    I much prefer money being spent this way than to starting up another agency.

  4. The advertising industry is under pressure? It really breaks my heart that spreaders of bullshit are taking a hit like the rest of us.

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