Cornwall Free News Rated Number One Online Media in Alexa Canadian Rankings for Cornwall Ontario – March 11, 2011

Cornwall ON- In this world you can’t make everyone happy.   You can’t be friends with everyone and not all people will like you.

But this morning it feels good to announce that enough of you like us that we are number one Canadian ranked online media source in Cornwall for the first time!

Thank you to all of our viewers and sponsors who have stuck with us through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad.

Everybody has their ups and down.   I’m sure we’ll not always be number one in Cornwall, but today is our turn.

It’s a tribute to you our viewers for showing support to all of the hard work done to achieve this.   It also means that sometimes, even for a brief moment in time a little guy can beat the big corporations of this world and compete no matter what.

While being number one has never been the goal; it certainly is a mark of achievement in reaching my goal of building a local online community newspaper.

We use which ranks websites all over the world.   It gives break downs by country too.

As you can see we’re now ranked 6,521 in Canada which is a pretty good thing for essentially a one man show and that ladies and gentlemen is what I’m most proud of.    We have to compete with national media in this market some of whom have not played fair at times.   You have made us number one and for that I will always remember  this day.

The Standard-Freeholder, part of the Sun chain is number two.  I’ve chased them for two years and honestly never thought I’d catch up as they have a ton of syndicated material and a staff of nearly ten reporters and editors here in Cornwall alone.

The Cornwall Daily is number three.   They promote their site on both of their local radio offerings and have Lorne Wiebe, Bill Kingston, and of course John Bolton as their voices of news and commentary.

And finally The Seaway News.   Rick Shaver, editor; the man that rejected me for employment in this industry three years ago.   To you sir I tip my hat and offer thanks.

Thanks to everyone that has had made The Cornwall Free News number one in our market.  All of our contributors, the people that post the comments and talk about us, our advertisers and sponsors, and of course again, you our amazing Viewers!

I promise I’ll keep working hard to bring you the News, Views, and Reviews, you want to read.  You can always email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755

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  1. Congratulations Jamie on being No.1 this morning. You worked very hard to get to this point, I know. Again, congratulations and enjoy your day.

  2. Farrrr Out! I told you the best revenge is success. Now do you feel vindicated and validated, like you have just earned tenure?

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations and continued success to you Jamie.

  5. I am happy for you Jamie. Congratulations.

  6. Author

    Thanks Tammy and to everyone that’s congratulated us here and elsewhere. We actually increased our lead today 🙂

  7. So if we congratulate you again perhaps your ratings will increase even more. Congratulations Jamie!!!

  8. You and your readers have produced an exciting online newspaper. Online is the future while print is fading fast. Good luck.

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