So it looks like it’s all up to Jack Layton – To Keep Harper or Shoot him Down by Jamie Gilcig. Vote in our Poll – March 14, 2011

Cornwall ON – What an interesting moment of Canadian History Jack Layton is filling at the moment.

I like Jack.  I interviewed him one on one and he was way more fun than listening to many of his interviews and this last year he’s battled health woes and Stephen Harper.

But…..and this is a big but….it was Jack Layton that inflicted Stephen Harper on Canada by pulling down the Martin government.

I love how Conservatives complain about Liberals being thieves and corrupt….but if they were, which I’m not suggesting, they must’ve been really good as the government was running surpluses which compared to where we are now ……

So now Canadians and most of the opposition seem to be ready to go to the voters.   I know some MP’s feel that if they can last until 2012 they’ll get their pension benefits, but surely Canada must come first?

Does anyone really expect our PM giving enough to Mr. Layton to earn his support?  Could Jack Layton continue to support a government that goes against everything the NDP stand for?  (And most Canadians?)

So who has the most to benefit from right now by calling an early election?  The finger points straight at Mr. Harper as scandal after scandal rocks his support with the minority of Canadians that voted for him.   The  realities of the economy are not working in his favor either and with things looking  to get darker the sooner an election happens the better his chances of retaining power.

After Bev Oda and the contempt of Parliament charges a majority doesn’t seem to be in the cards and many have suggested that if Mr. Harper cannot pull in a majority his days as leader of the Conservatives are very much numbered.

Mr. Ignatieff is in a great spot.   Victim of very weak attack ads, albeit ones that millions of dollars are being spent on, his quiet demeanor and lack of punch back seem to be working in his favor.    He also has very low expectations with many feeling the party would jettison him before an election.   The man simply doesn’t have much to lose and the current clime doesn’t look like the Grits would lose too many seats if any.  In other words, low risk, big gain potential.

While the Liberals are saying they want an election now the longer time ticks on the better it looks for them as a party which brings us to the NDP.

With a slim to none chance for the NDP to form a government and labour slowly eroding to the Liberals provincially and to a lesser degree Federally the NDP seem to be floating in a sea looking for a new direction.

This most likely be Mr. Layton’s last election no matter what.

With Franco-Irish Thomas Mulcair in the wings patiently waiting to take his turn at leadership Mr. Layton wants to make the most of his legacy at this point.   Speaking of Mr. Mulcair kudos to him for not pulling a Paul Martin and waiting his turn to take command.  Apparently Mr. Mulcair read “that Scottish play”  while in school.

However even if he does retain his seat and fight off popular Former Liberal MP Martin Cauchon to lead the NDP where does he lead them to?  Have the NDP lost their raison d’etre?   Would it not serve both them and the Liberals to unite the Centre/Left?

That leaves us with the Green Party where leader Elizabeth May is primed to gain a seat for the party for the first time in Canada’s history.   There’s even a chance of gaining 1 or 2 more seats.

Again, this all comes down to Mr. Layton.   It looks like it’s going to be his call to make?  So my fellow Canadians, if you’re Jack Layton what do you decide?  Please vote in our poll and you can post your comments below.

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