Earth Quake Rumbles Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario – March 16, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Hundreds of reports have come in as an Earth Quake of nearly 5.0 was reported in Western Quebec.   Here in Cornwall local Facebook queries have lit up as people have reported glasses shaking.

One person near the river reported odd shimmies and ripples.

No injuries have been reported and as standard for quakes in Cornwall, we’ve had three reports of UFO sightings.

If you’ve been impacted email us at or you can call our hot line at 613 361 1755.


Lorilei from Hawkesbury called in .  She said that there was a loud bang and then rumbling about 1:40 today.

I felt the quake too, it was like a loud rumbling then shaking like crazy, it felt like a tank was going by! Im residing at Murphys Inn in cornwall right on second street west near the waterfront, and my dog is going between hiding in the shower stall and desperately trying to run out the front door. My cat is curling up under the table. Im pretty intune with their behaviour so i honestly think something more might be coming.

Jeff Brunet from Alkaline Entertainment phoned in that he things he saw a UFO as well!

We will be on air on with more updates starting at 7:30 PM tonight.

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  1. Hello, felt the earth tremor here in central Vermont (near Middlebury) . slight shaking, vibration for 12 secs.

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