Hey Cornwall Ontario? Are you reaching people on the Internet? What are your Alexa Rankings? March 18, 2011

Cornwall ON – Not too many people will argue with you that the future is the present when it comes to the internet and their business.

If you’re business isn’t on the internet its future is most likely not as bright as those that are.

So we scanned Alexa.com for its Canadian and World Ranking of some area websites and we found some very surprising results.

Now there are many ways to measure web traffic; hits, page views, unique visitors, but the problem is that there are rarely one set way to measure traffic no matter what anyone tells you unless you compare the same type of charts.

For example of you compare the Google Analytics of two different sites, but not many companies share that information.    So Alexa.com, an Amazon company does a great job of getting a perspective with their web rankings.  You can enter any website and find out some numbers and gain some perspective.

For example here are the top sites world wide as of press time; March 18, 2011

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And without further ado here are the top Canadian ranked sites from the Cornwall Ontario area.

If a box is empty that means that there are no Canadian rankings for those websites because of too low a  ranking or regional web traffic.

Test our your website numbers on Alexa.com and if you want to improve your all important web presence for your business, service or organization email the number one Canadian ranked media presence in the Cornwall Ontario area and find out how we can raise your Alexa rankings and help get your web site gain more traffic and more results for you!

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  1. Don’t bother measuring hits: “In the early 1990s, web site statistics consisted primarily of counting the number of client requests (or hits) made to the web server. This was a reasonable method initially, since each web site often consisted of a single HTML file. However, with the introduction of images in HTML, and web sites that spanned multiple HTML files, this count became less useful.” (Source: Wikipedia)

  2. Even if the accuracy is in question, there is interesting information on the site … like the words or topics that drew in the traffic.

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