Harper Spin Doctors Zeitgust? I lie, therefore you lie too? Bev Oda Confused? March 19, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Watching the Spin on the Spin of Odagate is very interesting.   The Harper government, because of the opposition parties having more seats on the Commons Committee, are suggesting that if Ms Oda is found guilty it’s partisanship rather than Ms Oda’s guilt?

Are they suggesting that if there were a majority of Harperites on the same committee that she’d be innocent by dint of partisanship?

Is this a text book case of transference?

transference trans·fer·ence (trāns-fûr’əns, trāns’fər-əns)
In psychoanalysis, the process by which emotions associated withone person, such as a parent,

unconsciously shift to another,especially to the analyst.

(source: transference. Dictionary.com. The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary. Houghton Mifflin Company. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/transference(accessed: March 19, 2011).

In other words if Mr. Harper and his team would act in a certain way are they suggesting or transferring how they would act to others, in this case the opposition members of the Commons Committee?

If Ms Oda or any other minister was guilty I would hope the good MP’s on any Commons Committee would do what’s right for Canada and Canadians and hold the MP up for just scrutiny.

It does look like Ms Oda is going to be clearly pronounced in contempt of Parliament for her alleged confusion.


“It’s a contempt,” Liberal House leader David McGuinty said after hearing Oda’s testimony on Friday. His colleague, Liberal MP John McKay, said he heard nothing all day to persuade him that Oda had not misled Parliament.

Planting partisan seeds of doubt in the public is sooooooooo…….

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Ms Oda is the innocent victim of a partisan opposition?

    Sure, sure…and Stephen Harper is Snow White’s long-lost brother. These people live in Fantasyland.

  2. And while the world goes to hell in a handbasket here we sit nit-picking “who knew what, when they knew it, who else knew it, why they knew it, did anyone else know it”. Wake up guys, I know its a Canadian thing to complain about everything but for once I think we should be concentrating on the problems of the world! Move on.

  3. Discussing and debating about Canadian democracy is not “nit-picking”. Harper thinks it is a game and it certainly is not. After five years Canadians are getting wise to his game and we want none of it.

  4. And whether or not we have democratic government in Canada is nit-picking, Stan?

  5. PJR we are fiddling while Rome is burning….

  6. Yeah Stan, anyone who cares about the “Harper Government” being in contempt of Parliament, cheating on election expenses, proroguing whenever the heat’s on, saturating the airwaves with attack ads while no election is happening, and on and on, has to be crazy.

  7. Stan, Rome is closer to home than you think.

  8. I thought Bev Oda was a Star Wars character

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