Letter to the Editor by DJ Skinner of Victoria BC – Border Management and Canadian Autonomy – March 23, 2011

Victoria BC – Mr. D.J. Skinner of Victoria, British Columbia wants Canadians to participate in the Government’s Beyond Border Working Group.   Here is his Letter to the Editor:

Thank you for the opportunity to provide input regarding the proposed border management Plan.
There are many aspects of border management that can be improved.

1. One of the most important is the situation in Ottawa where government officials are deliberately weakening Canadian control of Canadian affairs in compliance with directives from the American administration.
This is tantamount to treason and should be recognised as such.
The solution is to replace the governing party with MPs who will place Canadian sovereignty first before all other considerations.

2. This pandering to U.S. interests takes many forms.
One of the most egregious is the deliberate weakness of the controls of the Canada/U.S. electronic exchanges including radio, TV and cable media and our inability to prevent the inflow of spurious and inflamatory propaganda about hypothetical terrorist threats emanating from the primary terrorist organisation on earth – next to Israel.

3. In support of trade and economic growth I suggest you try to recover some of the manufacturing capability exported offshore under the Free Trade Agreements.

4. Lastly you might try to recognise that your programme of emphasising trade in order to support U.S. security is a flimsy cover for the U.S. initiative to integrate the two economies within a common perimeter.
This illustrates how abjectly the current Canadian government will lie to its own people in order to comply with U.S. directives.

By applying remedies to these 4 points you can improve Canadian security, economic competitiveness, job creation and Canadian prosperity.
If the American administration threatens to hinder cross border trade you can invoke Canadian national interests and apply controls to the export of oil, gas, uranium and other raw materials.
The solution is in your hands.

D.J. Skinner,  Victoria, B.C.


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