Letter to the Editor – Mario Leclerc Wants No More Senate In Canada – March 24, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Senators earn $132,300 a year as a base salary, serve until age 75. It’s a fact, that a majority of Canadian don’t want it. The total cost for Canadian taxpayers to maintain the Senate in 2008-2009 was $90,232,000. And they sat in the Senate for only 69 days.
Senate appointments are given as rewards for past support of the Government party.
The Senate is costly, useless, undemocratic, and unaccountable. The Senate is not needed to protect provincial interests which is done by the elected M.P.’s and the provincial governments. Nor do we need an elected Senate in competition with the elected House of Commons. An elected Senate would be a recipe for political gridlock as they have in the United States.
The first step to abolish the Senate would be to hold a national referendum at the same time as the next federal election. If the majority of Canadians voted to abolish the Senate, then it would be up to the federal and provincial governments to amend the Canadian constitution accordingly. It’s time for the outdated, unaccountable, patronage filled Senate to go.
Make no mistake, you will not see these actions under the watch of conservatives or liberals. The time has come to elect a NDP MP.  Let’s use our share to build an Arts & Culture Centre in our riding. The future of our community begins now.
Yours truly,  Mario Leclerc – Federal NDP candidate SD & SG

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  1. Dream on Mario! If we elect the NDP we’ll have the unions running the country and they can suck up money faster than any political party.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the unions are made up of Canadian taxpayers. They probably have more right to demand tax breaks than large foreign based companies.

  3. That’s right Re,
    Unions are corporations made up of Canadian tax payers…just like GM, CNSC, LCBO, AECL.

    How ever if we have unions as our primary corporate government support would they then receive the same tax breaks as current corporations do?

    I wish Mario all the best he seemed like a personable man, but I have reservations of a man claiming to speak from the heart and from experience needing to read his beliefs and goals from a sheet of paper

  4. Cornwall Harry, Isn’t it wonderful when you work hard and make your dreams come true. Thats the beauty of Canada. Good luck Mario, dreams do come true.

  5. @Reg. I scratch my head and ask that too, quite often.

  6. Why are people so skeptical about change! Be a little but more optimism about things.

  7. The future belongs to those who can accept change.

  8. Good Luck Mario 🙂

  9. Change for the sake of change is an abdication of responsibility

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