Letter to the Editor – Michael Blais of Niagara Falls Ontario not Happy With Harper Government’s Bill C-55 and Veteran’s Plight – March 24, 2011

Letter to the Editor – Michael Blais of Niagara Falls Ontario not Happy With Harper Government’s Bill C-55 and Veteran’s Plight – March 24, 2011

I would like to clarify just where the CVA stands in reference to Bill C-55 and the recent politicalization of our most vulnerable veterans plight.

I am profoundly disappointed to note that other veterans groups are proactively supporting Bill C-55 by encouraging their membership to contact opposition senators claiming the need for relief in the form of an annual minimum award for disabled veterans currently living in substandard financial conditions as a consequences of the New Veterans Charter’s gross inadequacies.


The forty thousand dollar minimum wage supplement does not require legislation to be provided, merely a regulatory change.

Why has the Harper Government denied these desperate veterans and their families the relief they are entitled and have been entitled to for months, perhaps years?

Why, instead, have these veterans and their families been used as political props for the past several months to promote Bill C-55’s inadequate change when a mere regulatory correction could have provided their families relief months ago from a sub-par existence and financial security… until they at least reached age sixty five wherein Bill C-55 abandons them. (The old pension act would have provided to them until death, conforming to the honourable tribute that once was the standard for Canada’s sons and daughters, a standard abandoned by the New Veterans Charter.)

Fellow veterans, do not be misled…

Stand with the Canadian Veterans Advocacy as we denounce this abhorrent scheme that would have politicians, for their own self interests, exploit the fiscal plight of 2000 near-poverty stricken disabled veterans as a political prop to enact legislative relief when no legislation is required to ensure the forty thousand dollar base these veterans so desperately need is provided.

Think about it.

What is the major benefit of Bill C-55?

The relief to the most vulnerable, yes? The seriously disabled, or those who can no longer work? Veterans Advocate Sean Bruyea noted in a recent Hill Times article that veterans would have to be classified as 100 percent disabled before being eligible for the PIA, not the much lower percentage indicative of a level decisive of whether a veteran can work again or not. The PIA-S is even more restrictive. Under such restrictive guidelines, just how many veterans will actually qualify for these supplements? This in not acceptable, the CVA believes that these restrictions should be lowered to reflect the reality of the percentage that dictates a veterans inability to work on a permanent basis.

And just where does this Two Billion dollar number come from, someones imagination? Bruyea notes that an independent auditor found that only fifty million dollars additional funds yearly would be required to implement C-55’s policies, over five years, this equates to less then three hundred million? That is a far cry from 2 Billion and I would ask the Minister of Veterans Affairs, just what does he intend on doing with the other 1.3 billion dollars? Give it back to treasury, very much like what will happen to the money promised for Agent Orange victims, but only those who were there for seven days in twenty eight years? Another promise broken, another group of veterans, and there widows, abandoned.

There is only one course of action.

Our duty as patriotic veterans is clear.

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy urgently insists that this minimum wage supplement issue be depoliticalized at once and that the Minister of Veterans Affairs fulfills his duty to these 2000 veterans and their families by taking the appropriate measures to ensure the regulatory necessities are undertaken with all due haste to provide the 40000 dollar minimum award to our most vulnerable disabled veterans without making them political tokens during the upcoming in the upcoming election.

They deserve better, and have for many months now! So do their wives and children.

One veteran, One Standard, One Voice!

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy!
Michael L Blais CD
Founder, Canadian Veterans Advocacy

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