Do you want to write about The Federal Election from your community? Email the Cornwall Free News! – March 25, 2011

Cornwall ON – My fellow Canadians.   There’s no way I can cover this entire and beautiful country in the upcoming Federal election by myself so I’m asking any of you who wish to be your community correspondent and talk about the election in your neck of the woods to step forward!

No matter where you are in Canada, no matter what language you write in if you want to cover this election from your community email us at and let’s make sure all of Canada gets as many perspectives as possible!

The Cornwall Free News – Your Community Newspaper Across Canada from Cornwall Ontario!

Best Western Cornwall


  1. Good idea Jamie and i wish you well!!!!

  2. Unfortunately, I live in a seriously red-neck riding… Leeds-Grenville. Our incumbent MP could be convicted of willfully running down babies and old ladies while drunk with a Hummer, and he’d still win by a huge margin. In fact, as I write this, there’s a huge gala going in Brockville celebrating the life and times of Bob Runciman. Mike Harris is the guest of honour, and I’m sure much back-slapping old-boy silliness is going on. Brockville is probably the only town in the province that would host a thugfest like this. Don’t think anyone from Walkerton or Ipperwash will be attending.

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