Letter to the Editor – John Milnes of South Stormont Ontario Pleads to Not Vote for Stephen Harper’s Government – March 26, 2011

So, the Conservatives decided they wanted to go to the electorate and, typically, did not have the integrity to do things in a direct manner.  They brought down a budget knowing that none of the opposition parties {Harper’s vision of a Coalition] could possibly accept it.  The Finance Minister said very positively there was no room for negotiation.  Game over, no negotiation, an election on the horizon because the Conservatives lacked any vision of reality – they deeply believe they are invincible and are the natural leaders of the country.
I suppose it is this thought that caused the Conservatives to bring down on themselves the first ever contempt of Parliament charge in the Commonwealth.  We must teach them a little humility and ensure they do NOT get to govern, yet again.
A brief examination of the actions of this HARPER government.  Harper chooses this title rather than it be named, as it should, a Canadian government.  This is yet another reason why we desperately need a change of governing party.  Unfortunately, Stevie boy is behaving no better than the dictators in the Middle East that the nationals of those countries are trying to overthrow.  We do not want to go down this road so we should put a stop to his plans by ensuring he becomes the next opposition party where he can make up his own Coalition.
As an insult to the intelligence of all seniors, Minister Ted Menzies said “many seniors are from the depression days and would value the six hundred dollars extra [a year] the Conservative government is giving them”.  This actually raises three points: 1. Of course, these seniors remember what $600 is worth both at 1929 values and in 2011 dollars.  2. Ted Menzies, no doubt, receives more than six hundred dollars a week in expenses [that is six hundred dollars at 2011 values since it is doubtful he claims his expenses in 1929 values].  3. The increase in pension funds would come from Canadian taxpayers’ money NOT Conservative funds.
It is noted that Guy Lauzon, our underworked Member of Parliament, stood applauding [the hardest work he has done in quite a while] the insults that were poured on seniors.  He was even quoted, in the Standard Freeholder, as  saying, “seniors will be happy with an extra $600 a year”.  It is noted that our ineffective MP has not offered to lower his massive pension to the level these lowest paid pensioners are receiving.  If Ted Menzies and our present MP were to get only $600 extra pension a year, when they retire, they would be overpaid.
It is time for a political change both in this Riding and in Canada as a whole.  As someone who has been forced to respect frugality I do NOT consider this Conservative Party begins to understand the complexities of managing an economy.  The Conservative party is so full of fat cats, who do not comprehend what it is like to be without, they should all be put out to grass for a couple of years.  Perhaps then they would understand how little $600 extra a year means to those in dire need.  When we consider this government never took into account the needs of the majority of pensioners we have to know these Tories are living in a never-never land.
There are constant letters to the editor with respect to citizens in dire straits because of the HST on home heating fuel.  Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff both tried to persuade the Conservatives to remove the tax on home heating fuel.  I hope those who have been complaining now realize it is Guy Lauzon and the Conservative government that refused to help our seniors.
John E. Milnes – South Stormont

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  1. We will disregard your first paragraph as BS. The Conservative budget was certainly an okay budget as it covered many areas of concern. Jack Layton wanted more in order to pass the budget. He didn’t get more so he said he was against it. That sounds awfully like blackmail. The Conservatives will run their platform on their budget and they will win a majority! This is an election we didn’t need as your friend Iggy will soon find out!

  2. @ Cojones Kid, What news were you watching? The Finance Minister clearly said there was no room for negotiation. The Conservative Government seem to have forgotten that they were in a minority situation. That means the majority of Canadians did not trust them enough to make major decisions without the approval of the opposition. That requires negotiation. If they don’t negotiate then there is no government.

    But that is not the reason that the government fell. It is all a matter of ethics and trust. The Conservatives lied and stole….. They got caught…… End of government.

  3. Is it true that the coalition agreement with Dion / Layton / Duceppe is still active until July?

    I would hope that each Canadian will spend a couple of minutes looking past headlines leading up to the vote, of course, hope and reality are different.

    All of a sudden people are in dire straits because of the HST on heating fuel? Maybe Mr McGuinty should not have put the 8% on it!

  4. I know you mispoke when you suggested that PM Harper was no better than “those dictators in the Middle East” John, so we will give you the opportunity to get it right – Harper has not mutulated the genitals of young women or servered the heads of Jews – at least to my knowledge, unless you are in possession of material I’m not aware of – I really do believe he is better than that!

  5. And Harper only used rubber bullets on the protesters at the G20 in Toronto. Harper only locked up 1000
    peaceful innocent protesters at said event.

  6. It was interesting listening to Harper yesterday, telling us that we don’t want an election. Who the hell is he to tell us what we want or don’t want? When asked about the fact that his government was defeated for being found in contempt of Parliament (first time in our history), he told us that Canadians don’t care about Parliamentary manoeuvrings. WTF? Canadians don’t care that their government is breaking the rules of our governing system? If he believes what he said is true, then he believes that Canadians don’t give a rats ass how we are governed.

  7. Reg on your point of “The Conservative Government seem to have forgotten that they were in a minority situation”.
    I would be happy if that were true, Have you ever been in a meeting with 4 people and the only way for a consensus was to give away things? The taxpayers have no more money to give and that is what the other leaders want. Some interviews with Iggy sound like he has forgot that his party is not in power.

  8. willie191: he saved the lead bullets for the guys in Afghanistan.

  9. Don’t really care what Joe Gunn says, I think we are all wise enough to realize that his comment comparing him to a Middle Eastern dictator was figurative in nature. I for one see the comparison as like the dictators in the Middle East who care not about their citizens’ views, Mr. Harper thumbs his nose at Canada’s version of democracy preferring to replace it with his own vision. His is not my Canada! Excellent letter Mr. Milnes! Up with Democracy down with Harpocrisy!

  10. willie and cojones
    Curious, was it harper that fired the guns and locked people up or was tn the authorities enforcing the law?

  11. So far Im still with Mr Harper no political entity is squeaky clean and only so much can be done but I think the present conservatives are as close as it gets.When I see something better Ill consider it but Im still looking. I hope we’re past the B.S and the parites will start talking about things people actually care about however once that stops resonating we’ll be right back to the B.S thats politics

  12. So, we have mixed responses to my letter. That is good for I write in order to inspire people to think and react.
    A little more to think about. Those Tory jets are seemingly coming in at a massive price way,way above the $75million each the Tories try to con us into believing. Our own Kevin Page [the Tory appointed Budget Officer], who gave a figure close to $120million for each plane now has the backing of his U.S. counterpart. We can only see yet another Tory fib coming out of this but that is nothing unusual for Mr. Harper. If the Canadian public, including Cojones Kid, William Jones, Joe and Eric fail to see how they are being sold a dumb pup then we have very little hope. Intelligent people can see the upsides and downsides of all arguments but some are so blue they could not differentiate between good and bad. Lets us compare the millions of dollars given away to other countries by Harper then look at why so many Canadians do not even have clean drinking water and sewage disposal capabilities. I suppose Cojone Kid, William Jones, Joe and Eric approve of this style of governing – the people do not matter so long as we have big shiny prisons, very expensive single engine planes unable to function in the far north and banks/businesses able to dole out bigger and better bonuses to their CEOs. Okay you blue guys, try and convince me it is better to promise money to families five years into the future when you have two more elections to win in order to keep your promise or if Canadian families deserve some help NOW. Which is best? Where do you put your vote? Priorities for the here and now are more valuable than futuristic vague dreams of maybe- land.

  13. The present military aircraft were built in the ealy 80’s, I would not want my son or daughter flying them during life and deathe situations. No other company has a plane that would meet the military needs, so do we wait and hope something else comes along? It takes several years for the building and setup, we can not just walk into a local dealer.

    This thing about”Harper government” being used, is not just a conservative thing. Go to the McGuinty governement website of the Community of safety and corrections. Out of the first 10 news releases, 8 start with McGuinty government. But it is ok because they are liberal!

    Few can agree with everything any government does, however, we send enough money to all three levels of government now, and we do not have more to give.

    This thing about corporate tax cuts, they went through parliment in 2007, where was the fuss then. Anyway, the federal Liberals forget to tell us about the costs a business has that does not make them as competitive as other countries.

    Prisons, I like the idea of stopping 2 for 1 credits and people actually getting a time out from society.

  14. Eric. I would not like to fly one of those planes in a life or death situation but, they have been well maintained so there should not be a problem – or have we been told lies again by the Tories. The planes appear to be doing okay in Libya! In the matter of other companies NOT producing anything that Canada could purchase. Eric, you are wrong simply go on the web and see what is available from the USA to Europe there are fighter planes that could do the job. In fact the French are using their Mirage jets in Libya to great effect so what would be wrong in CONSIDERING other planes?
    I would agree with you few governments could do enough to please all people just look, Eric, how you are down on the McGuinty Liberal’s and they have done a super job considering all the difficulties before them. We should only make judgements if we are ready to be fair.
    Corporate tax cuts, as a principle, are still a Liberal item for consideration. There was nothing wrong in the Tories proposing and the Liberals supporting their original agenda. However, in different times you must use different tactics and the present economic times dictate we try to look after the citizens before spending money on lost causes.
    With respect to the justice system I, too, believe much has to be done to correct what we presently have. However, we should start by overhauling the entire justice system [including sentencing] before we begin to spend billions of dollars on the bricks and mortar of prisons.

    Keep thinking Eric for that is where life begins. When we stop thinking we stagnate. Eric, if you keep thinking hard enough, perhaps you will convince yourself to vote for and support a good party.

  15. John Milnes: Do you dream in colour at night or do you do it during the day too?

  16. I will check on Libya climate and geography and get back to you.

    OK, I am converting to the All Night Party and will give McGuinty the same free rein on taxation and other issues as so many others in the province.

    Now on to the bully in the white house, uh I mean 24 Sussex.
    The Federal Harper Conservatives have allowed or forced multiculturism and minorty rights to new highs and white English Canadian males had just better get used to it. A current ad for federal employment lists
    Increased representation of women and visible minorities.”

    The public service has about 55% women so I ask, what percentage is right? And does that make white males a minority that needs protecting?

    Enjoy your weekend and remember to laugh.

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