Of Attack Ads and Coalitions – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – March 27, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The bell has been rung and the horses have left the gate.  All across Canada the daggers are being aimed.

It’s beyond partisan politics as well.   The reality is that attack ads really do work.  Good attack ads work really well.

Here is one of the most successful attack ads I’ve seen which was part of the most successful attack campaign to date in Canadian history.   The Harper shredding of Stephane Dion.


People pooh pooh attack ads, but you can’t beat your opponent when you’re on the defensive and poor Mr. Dion, a very nice and learned man and probably the closest thing we’ll ever have in this country to being an “honest” politician never overcame the attacks.

The key to any good attack ad is that grain of truth, and the larger the grain the larger the result usually.

The Green Party in a very clever twist came out with an attack ad attacking attack ads.   Not enough Canadians have seen this one as the Green Party doesn’t have the media budget than the ultra rich Harper team.


The problem with attack ads in general is that the real messages of people get lost and never focused on.  The real issues that voters should be considering get lost in the hate and reaction.    That’s not terribly good for Democracy, but it costs a lot less than it would to get a message across.

In the end we get what we vote for which as I’m sure most Canadians can see probably isn’t the best value for the cost.

Coalitions.    The Harper team is leading its attack purely on the legitimate speculation that the Grits will most likely form a coalition!   I know, that must make them communists or worse!   The biggest question that comes to my mind as I read all this hype and spin is simply that if that’s the only ammo the Harper government has to gain the majority confidence of Canadian voters there’s a real red flag showing.   Danger!  Danger!

Personally I’m very concerned for my country.     These are very dark days.   We have real issues facing us; health care reform; the global impact of the recession, and one that doesn’t get talked about, our National autonomy and identity as Canadians.

I’d like to see more from our leaders and parties about those issues.   Daggers and attacks have their place and can be fun, but for me as a voter I want my meat and potatoes.  I want to know that my government is going to represent at least some of my values and do their best to make sure I and my family have more money in my pocket at the end of a year than less.

Those to me are the questions I want answered.  And if means that a few parties have to work together to do what’s best for Canadians I think that’s a damn fine thing.  It’s a shame all our political parties couldn’t work for what’s best for Canada.

What about you?  You can post your comments below my fellow Canadians!

Jamie Gilcig

Editor – Canada Free News

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  1. Attack ads do work and so does fear mongering. This is a unnecessary election as it is not wanted by the electorate and there are important issues in need of attention this a fourth election in seven years will not change. Ignatieff runs a risk as Harper is high in the polls showing what registers on his radar screen is not registering on the electorates radar screen. We have concern with bigger issues. The Liberals under Chretien were with greater sins than the current contempt issue, only difference the Liberals were with a majority in both the House and the Senate and with the votes to control a outcome. None of our politicians are honest although Dion, Manning and Clark were likely the closest to that ideal. Problem for the Liberals is Obama is well liked by Canadians so their typical anti-Americanism theme will not be in play this election. Also Harper has been in power only a short time but also long enough that the electorate realize he is not the boogieman previous Liberal scaremongering painted him to be… the sky has not fallen, there are no troops in the streets. With economy and issues Canadians do care about the polls reflect overall the majority prefer the Conservatives over the liberals or NDP. A country can not function on NDP policies and most of us realize that reality. That makes so Ignatieff or Harper will win, but Ignatieff loses because he is fighting on ethics. Noble and deserving absolute but previous governments and the current Dalton McGuinty create so we want honesty and integrity from our politicians, but it has become so we truly do not expect to see it. Even if they did speak the truth we would against it because it is not what we want to hear. McGuinty proves it in spades. Clark and Trudeau is another example. Honrst Joe said price of oil would increase. That we did not want to hear. Trudeau said the price of oil would not go up… that we did want to hear. When Trudeau was elected the price of oil indeed go up… even higher than Clark had said. Chretien said he would get rid of the GST and abolish the Free Trade Agreement…. Hello!!!! Remember Adscam, HRDC, Shawnigate, etc., etc. With that bath already blazed we are now having a election based on ethics… Ignatieff has already mislead on some issues including details in his recent ad. Not a good start if he expects his words to hold water. $300 million and time wasted only to have another minority government. Four elections in seven years… Ruckin’ Fidiculous… nothing will change!

  2. Author

    I think this election is bad thing song is nothing but political spin. Millions of dollars are pumped into the local Canadian economies. Empty stores get rented; printers get work, advertisers get work, more coffee is sold and for brief periods of time Politicians have to be humble and try and gain our votes and support.

    I think it’s Politicians that don’t like elections. 🙂

  3. I believe that arguing with the conservative party faithful is wasted effort. It’s like trying to convert a presbyterian choir to Buddhism. Much like the members of the Peoples Temple they are going to believe whatever their leader tells them. But for those of you who are more open minded, please, please, don’t drink the blue juice!

  4. Here’s my attack ad:

    These last few years all the parties I’ve gone to have been a lame disappointment. They all seemed to do the wrong things for the wrong reasons, which is of course the perfect reason to leave the party early and have an election. In this democratic experiment, I’m not prepared to abandon all parties for all time, but with this opportunity I will eschew the party and see if I can add meat to the soup by voting for whatever Independent shows up on the ballot. I don’t know what would happen if 20 or 30 Independents became Members of Parliament, in addition to the usual gang. I really don’t know. But I do know one thing, voting for Independents is the one thing that none of the leaders and none of the parties would want me to do.

  5. Reg what you say cuts both ways. The Chretien years have made me a strong Conservative and McGuinty ingrains it deeper still. I like Stephan Harper and see him as a strong leader… ok granted he does not play nice with others but nobody is perfect. As I converse with die-hard Liberals it can equally be said conversion is a wasted effort and do not drink the red juice! Those that are with politically correct views certainly will not like Harper and the Conservatives. As for myself I find it refreshing as a leader he takes a hard stand as he did with the media or to be strong with our military, to address immigration issues, to reduce taxes, to not jump on the popular anti-Israel bandwagon, his attempt to scrap the wasteful, politically correct gun registry that is with minimal if any effect on crime. I can continue but hopefully you see I am strong Blue because I truly do believe in Harper and his policies more than I do with Liberal policies. To me Harper is with more logic and common sense, more in tune with the average person than the elitist Ignatieff. Also the public opinion polls reflect this. I have in past voted NDP and also a member of the YND. I also voted Liberal and remain to say former Liberal MP Ed Lumley is 100% with my respect as he did much for his Riding Constituents.. very much more so than any other since. This current election is not being requested by the Canadian electorate. The current sins of the Conservatives certainly are no worse than that of the former Liberals… why would we expect the Iggy Liberals to be any different. This election I absolute am partaking of the Blue juice.

  6. I don’t get the electorate not wanting an election BS. Most of the electorate is sick and tired of the sleazy way the Cons have been conducting themselves. Sure, the Harper supporters don’t want an election, after all, he is/was running the show. But they only constitute about one third of the voters.

  7. Jamie is a self-loathing, irresponsible loser, and a gay in the closet.

  8. Jamie
    Your statement of being on the defensive lacks insight. That promotion of being attacked plays into the hands of politicians. What is wrong with the best defensive is a good offence. The hell with what everyone did wrong people really don’t give a rats a$$, and we have been living in it. Do you need to be reminded of it?
    Let the opposition toss mud the whole election rather than indulging in petty arguments, promote their party agenda and tell us exactly what your mandate is how you plan to achieve. Right now it looks like none of the parties truly have a plan or concept to run the country.

    That’s a good point Reg, but you seem to only follow the politicians. There is nothing but attacks on a person’s belief. I assume you to be like the possible coalition no clue what actions a party should take

  9. Author

    Smee if the ultimate goal is purely winning an election it’s one thing. If it’s what’s best for Canada, or any entity, the answer is usually quite different.

  10. Furtz open your ears and eyes… where do you see or hear the electorate wants another election? A fourth in seven years is ridiculous. Fact Harper and Conservatives are riding high in public opinion polls compared to the Libs and NDP speaks volumes. There has been no loud voice of discontent from the electorate wanting another election. Perhaps at conclusion of this election the opposition will open their eyes & ears, realizing Canadians voted previously and again will vote Harper and the Conservatives. Provincially McGuinty and federally previous Liberal governments have created so current contempt of parliament is a non-issue for many Canadians. Most Canadians are much more concerned about issues such as family, the economy, education, health care, taxes, immigration policies, a equipped military, jobs, jobs, jobs! Liberal payoffs via brown bagging loads of money via Adscam, mismanagement of monies with HRDC under the ministership of Jane Stewart, Shawinigate, Chretien’s broken promises with GST, etc. are far greater examples of lies, sleaze and corruption. Is it any wonder the current contempt of parliament does not register high on the radar screen of the electorate. Another election with same result. None of the boys in the sandbox are playing nice. The Liberals have been in power so long they have come to believe they are Canada’s defacto ruling party. I shall vote for common sense over political correctness any day, although I would prefer I did not have to.

  11. Garfield, you sound worried that the Cons might not win this one. That’s why you and most Con supporters didn’t want this election. Makes sense.

  12. Garfield
    Do not argue with Furtz, as you can see they are all about media promotion. There is no political substance nor business facts. They lash out at people because they have no idea what it is really going on.

  13. Whatever you say Smee. BTW, I’m gonna be rowing my boat as soon as the ice is off the lake.

  14. Thanks for your insightful observation Smee. I was about to reply but your words made me realize it indeed is as you say. He does not rebuttal with fact, substance nor informed viewpoint… only empty rhetoric and with blinders on. Nothing of substance to be gleaned from that. If polls, media and general mood are of indication then May 2 will represent the third consecutive election win for Harper.
    perhaps then the voice of the electorate is acknowledged and the obvious becomes obvious, logic and common sense will continue to replace the indecisiveness and political correctness of the past.

  15. I feel totally crushed now. 🙂

  16. So let me get this right. Both Smee and Garfield are saying that contempt of Parliament is no big deal. It is acceptable behavior for the Conservatives to lie to the Canadian public and steal from the taxpayers to line the Conservative party bank account. It is acceptable to give untendered contracts for an undetermined amount of money for planes that cannot fly in our north and that even the American military will not buy. It is acceptable to build super prisons, again for an unknown amount of money. It is acceptable to scrawl in a “Not” in a document to totally change the meaning and then lie about it to parliament. It is acceptable to re-write history when it comes to talking about coalition government with a convenient lapse of memory.

    You guys are members of the choir (if there really are two of you) and are blinded to the level of moral outrage that is going to descend on the current form of the Conservative party. Just like Mr. Mulroney before him, Mr. Harper will suffer for underestimating the intelligence of the Canadian public.

  17. I hope you’re right Reg, but it’s way too early in the campaign to guess at how it’ll go. It’s probably pointless to argue with a committed supporter of any party, kinda like arguing with the preacher. It’s the uncommitted that need to be swayed.

  18. Author

    Reg Mr. Mulroney never sunk to the levels of Mr. Harper. Heck, I even voted for him in his first election win!

  19. The truth finally comes out, Jamie. You are an ex-Con!!!

  20. Reg, I am not condoning the contempt of parliament as ethics is a important issue to me. I realize that appears contradictory however in the context of years of Liberal rule, to me politics and ethics unfortunately went out the window. As important as it is, it becomes so it is no longer expected of politicians. None of the parties are worthy of trust and ethics as it has become partisan politics at play on all sides. Compared to past corruption and fiascoes I see this current issue as unworthy of calling a election and see it more as political posturing. Such did not happen in Chretiens term as he held a majority in both the House and the Senate. In truth I have had my fill of Liberal governments, do not trust them and certainly do not trust the elitist Iggy… already he has flip-flopped and misrepresented. I do not see what a election will change, the electorate absolute is not in request or want of it. Harper seems to be governing to a degree that has his rating significantly higher than his opponents. The contempt issue is not on the radar of Canadians to warrant a election. I believe it is about power, animosity and inability of everyone to play nice-nice. I certainly do not trust Ignatieff at his word, nor the Liberal party. The most honest of recent politicians I can recall are ‘Honest Joe’ Clark, Preston Manning, Stephane Dione and perhaps Gilles Duceppe. As for policies I want much of what the Conservatives offer, I have no qualms with the fighter contract and vividly remember Chretien and the Sea King fiasco with resultant delays, multi $ million penalties and inferior helicopters purchased. The American version of plane you speak of is absolute totally different than the Canadian version. As for prisons perhaps it is a misguided venture but also it is a solution of substance as opposed to political correctness. People are fed up that criminals who seem with more rights than victims, with early parolees that re-offend, with those defending themselves being made into criminals. The gun registry is useless Liberal political correctness that solves none of its intent regarding criminals and guns. Kyoto was similar useless political correctness the Liberals signed onto and did nothing with. Harper to me is a strong and decisive leader. Are prisons the right choice, I really do not know but at least it is more than just tuochy-feely political correct do nothing words. As for our military our planes must be replaced that is a fact. I prefer our Canadian military not be the laughing stock we were with antiquated equipment of past. Give them the necessary tools to do the job they are requested to do. No more helicopter fiasco and no more unnecessary delays. Kyoto was more hollow political correctness in which Liberals signed on and did nothing. Harper had the gonads to say what we did not want to hear, but it was logic and truth… sufficient time no longer remained to fulfill the goals, it would undermine our economy if the big-culprit economies were not signed on and globally the difference was negligible. Although we will remain to disagree I see Harper as a strong leader that gets things done. He does not play nice and I do not agree with all he says or does… but also I do not blindly agree with all that family or friends profess, nor are they always nice. Bottom line is Harper is best and most decisive leader we have. No other minority government has remained in power as long and polls are substantially in his favour. For myself and others he is with common sense and direction. He is with focus and action on immigration, crime, our military, our sovereignty, the economy, etc. I just see this election as Liberals unable to fathom they are no longer in power and they want that power at any price, including a coalition. Read Iggys words and that option still remains open. That for a fact Canadians also do not want.

  21. No Reg
    What I am saying is that you only quote media. Any idiot can pee on the floor but it takes a real person to crap on the ceiling. Best not splash as you walk about.

    Again you too who cares what Mulroney did…it sounds like school yard whiners again. I mean neither did Chretien run with contempt, nor did Martin naaaa we had all good ole boys of any party. I think we all know better then that.

    So let me ask you all this, what would Ignatieff or Layton actually do differently? Please let’s not start with what they would not do.

    On a global scale Canada is praised for how we waded through this recession. We are much better off then many many countries.
    Had the other parties been in Harper’s place would they have spent as they wanted Harper to spend? If so how would we all afford it?

    “If there really are two of you”…I can’t believe you asked that…well yea maybe I can. You are showing nothing more then being paranoid and yet again only viewing through your minds eye. But it is hard to visualize reality when both are in the dark.

  22. @Smee. Huh??

  23. Sorry Furtz, Smee gets a little confused about who says what. I believe that, “If there really are two of you”…I can’t believe you asked that…well yea maybe I can.” was aimed at me. I’ll take credit where credit is due.

  24. You are right Smee, I do get my information from the media, The Globe and Mail, Canada.com, Canoe.com,, CTV, Global, CNN, Cornwall Free News, Standard Freeholder, etc.

    So do you get your script directly from the PMO?

  25. Reg in answer to your irrelevant comment… “If there really are two of you”… indeed, for what little such silly comment and hypothesis would possibly matter I am garfield and posted only as garfield.

  26. Not sure, but I think that scripts from the PMO would be a little more coherent.

  27. Reg, to be honest you are not worth the effort.

    Garfield, I don’t know about you but I think Reg is the latest version of Chicken Little

  28. Author

    People. Please let’s not degenerate conversations. We all know that some of you are quite partisan and will never change your opinions so please don’t go beating your heads against each other. It gets boring. I’m sure there are some points that are debatable without attacking each other.

  29. I’m thinking and hoping that this election will accomplish a few things. If Harper gets his third minority, he will be gone and I hope will be replaced by someone who plays by the rules and is willing to work with others. Iggy would face a leadership review, and he might be turfed or not. If the Libs win a minority, Harper will be gone, and we just might get back to a reasonably civilized and cooperative Parliament. The downside of that outcome, of course, is that Garfield’s and Smee’s heads will explode, but that’s OK… There’s not enough material there to cause much damage.

  30. Sorry Jamie, I couldn’t help myself.
    I’m off to BC tomorrow for a couple of weeks to visit family and get my yearly dose of television, so I likely won’t be hurling insults at the neo-cons for a while.

  31. Author

    Hi Furtz, surely they have computers in BC? My wife is from there and it’s some beautiful country.

  32. Good point ‘admin’. True such emotions do not enlighten.

    Actually as Smee pointed out… “So let me ask you all this, what would Ignatieff or Layton actually do differently? Please let’s not start with what they would not do.”

    I would like to know this as well and to know if they can be trusted and if a coalition lurks in the background. I am in favour of much of what Harper has accomplished and I believe he has served us well on the world stage and seen as a strong leader. Our economy is strong, action is being taken on immigration, etc.

    I mostly do not like, nor respect, nor trust, nor agree with Liberals of past. That will never change. Others feel similar about Harper and for the die-hards that will not change. So exactly what will Ignatieff and Layton do, will there be a coalition as specifics of current wording leaves it open. Can either be trusted to honour their word and how could either of those two possibly keep Canada with a strong economy as both are tax and spend leaders. I’m fed up with tax and spend governments. I do not see higher taxes as solving problems. Please for gawds sake do not intone we require to spend more on health care… it already is a white elephant consuming biggest portion of expenditures. It is also the elephant in the room everybody tries to ignore. Politics is so partisan nobody seriously want to tackle this issue… best they can do is say throw more money at it… THAT IS NOT THE SOLUTION!!!

    I am with questions and concerns… can someone answer them!

  33. Author

    Garfield the realities are quite simple. Under Liberal leadership of Jean Chretien this country ran surpluses. You can complain all you want about them, but that’s the reality. More dollars stayed in Canadian’s pockets.

    Mr. Harpers impact on our economy has not been good for Canadians. It’s been good for corporations, and generally only the larger ones.

    If you’re big oil it’s been a great time; banks, super!; failing car companies; not too shabby. The average worker trying to feed their family. Not terribly good.

    Our image abroad has also suffered greatly; but I have a hunch you know all this, right?

  34. The truth of the matter is that in an election all politicians lie. All we can do is look back at the last election to see if the party that forms the government lived up to their promises. Personally I have lost respect for all the three main parties for the last 20 years or so and have tended to vote for the lunatic fringe. The real fringy parties are all gone so now I am a Green.

    There was a radio program this week (yes I am still listening to media) where representatives from all three parties were talking about the economy. In an unusual consensus of opinion they all agreed that the economic stability that Canada enjoys compared to other nations is the result of decades of economic decisions by all political parties. It is just the Canadian way to be financially cautious.

  35. Yo Jamie. No shortage of computers in BC, but I’m gonna be really busy visiting my sister, niece and nephew and their kids. I’m hoping that by the time I get home we’ll be in for some warm spring-like weather.

  36. Admin
    Chretien ran a surplus in good times.
    Each recession, 1982, and 1990 the liberals soon lost out to conservatives. Was it a surplus or like many other Liberal monetary blunders, nothing more than misdirection and misappropriation of tax dollars of which the conservatives faced the blame.

    You only take over what your predecessor left behind.

    Living in the past is just what the media and politicians want. We do not care what happened yesterday what we need to know is what will you do tomorrow to fix the problems.

  37. Jamie
    Can you clarify how big oil is having a great time under the current economical situation?
    Remember the price per barrel is dictated by the stock market not the companies, and our government reaps the harvest form tax dollars/L. So is it only big oil you want to blame or is it just easier?

    Auto industry I agree, but that is a weird scenario.
    That is something I would like to discuss with Jack. He thinks corporate tax breaks are bad, yet if they do not get the breaks people are laid off. That causes the unions to lose members and money to invest from union dues in the NDP.

    Banks definitely…but we still have the best bank system in the world. However it does not justify the figures the CEO’s get paid.

    The average worker, yep that sucks. But what do we do to change it?? Most people complain or blame others. If people want change and really think there is a better way, then they should take a stand and start a difference. People fight for gay rights, women’s rights, equality but nobody fights or takes a stand for the Canadian.. Maybe we could take a lesson from all the special interest groups.

    Everyone else seems to be doing it.

  38. Author

    Which part of BC Furtz?

  39. Reg. I’m not sure that all politicians lie while in election mode. I agree that most do, especially the ones who are totally dedicated to a political party. That’s the downfall of our party system. The people we elect to represent us end up representing their party. Sad to say that voting for an independent candidate is a vote down the toilet.

  40. @Jamie. Mostly Langley and Chilliwack, but we’ll be touring around. It’s a great place to visit, but I’ll never be rich enough to live there, not that I want to. Eastern Ontario is the cat’s ass!

  41. Ohhhh, oh, oh noooo!!!! What Chretien did for money was lie to us about the GST and kept that conservative cash cow of Mulroney’s. That was not good enough so they dipped their hands into the unemployment fund which was not theirs to take and as that still was not enough they drastically cut back on the transfer payments to the provinces. That created so the provinces downloaded services to responsibility of municipalities and municipal taxes went up and services at provincial and municipal levels suffered. I do not see where more money stayed in pockets of Canadians… if only I felt that in my pockets and to believe it. The gun registry cost a fortune, Jane Stewart with HRDC mismanaged almost a billion dollars with millions unaccounted for. I am a small business and incorporated. I recall paying 22% corporate tax one of highest corporate tax rates in the world. By far most incorporated business are small businesses. Myself for example being with total of three employees. In twelve years municipal taxes went from $4,800 to $9,000 and of course utilities, fuel, insurance, wages have all gone up but profits have not kept pace and that is true for many small businesses. The solution is not more taxes that is a red herring. Solution is to address core issues and keep more money in hands of the people so it circulates. Do not get me wrong… taxes are essential but it becomes so instead of managing and addressing core issues the mentality of the left is to tax and spend. That is great for those on the system or that do not pay taxes, however for those of us that do, many of us feel over taxed and fed up with mindset more taxes and user fees are the answer. The middle class is rapidly fading.
    Hell if i could keep someone else’s brand new cash cow, steal from someone else’s piggy bank and cut wages to employees in half then absolute my budget and financial situation would be superb. Lol

    I remember Paul Martin professing Canadians should realize benefits of paying taxes… meanwhile where was the Finance Minister’s and future PM Canada Steamship Lines registered… not in Canada and why… to avoid taxes.

    I am only a three person operation and am incorporated as many small business are. I am affected by corporate tax rates and I am not rich and I am not big and if I am with no profit I do not hire, I do not invest and I do not expand. I believe money makes more money and as a working person I do not see profit as a dirty word nor as a sin. I see corporations and head offices moving into Canada… that is jobs, that is taxes, that lease, rent, mortgage payments, vehicles, equipment, infrastructure, employment, jobs, jobs, jobs, employment taxes, sales taxes, municipal taxes feeding municipal, provincial and federal coffers… that is good. Montreal was never the same after the large corporations such as Sun Life moved to Toronto after Bill 101. Growth is good… money generates more money.

    Much of Harper’s previous budgets were appeasement… that first budget must have given him many sleepless nights as it was very Liberal and NDPish, certainly not a Conservative style budget. I look and we are with a strong economy as other counties struggle. As yet Harper has not raped my pockets nor do I believe he will. He is a economist and he is not with a tax and spender. I like that. I believe such mindset will look for other avenues to solve problems. McGuinty is a current tax and spender and what has he solved with such mindset. Bob Rae was same at first then had to counter with his infamous “Rae Days” which alienated his support base of unions.

    I think our image is strong because we no longer are indecisive fence sitters. Take a look at the UN and and recent membership entries…. can you spell dictators! How can a country such as Iran chair a women’s rights committee… Hello!!!!!!! Sad to say, many aspects of the UN are a ironic joke. Who is it we want to appease on the world stage? That Harper spoke in support of Israel is not politically correct but damn it was refreshing. I do not always agree with Harper, for example I do not agree with his toughness on youth crime. I think it goes too far. There are a few other issues I do not agree with but overall I like and agree with Harper and the Conservatives and ironic as it may sound I trust them more than the Liberals. I simply have not built up a level of trust to Iggy or the party and although McGuinty is Provincial it is Liberal philosophy and ethics at work.

    I do agree many are struggling to feed families and to survive and confess I am in that same boat. In my 50’s I am not a senior but I certainly see and feel for them and how taxes, ever rising utility bills and the increased cost of living affects them. I believe he could have done more as $300 million is not a big expenditure in a national budget, but also we have to get away from tax and spend mentality. All our ills can not be solved with increased spending… IE increased taxes. The little guy needs money in his pocket and not constantly drained by government wastefulness, boondoggles, corruption, fringe programs, etc.

  42. Reg, disappointing but very true what you say pertaining to the lies and I agree 100%. I do same as you in that I look back and see who best kept their word and that is very important to me. My philosophy is if we continually vote for those that lie, are corrupt, without truth and ethics then why would politicians be honest and sincere. I think we the electorate tend vote for the person that tells us what we want to hear. In truth we do not ourselves delve deeper into issues and to hold politicians to account for their promises. I have not lost faith in Harper and the Conservatives but then again I am not upset at them and basically agree with their philosophy and actions. Also I sincerely do not see the current contempt issue as a big issue considering politics has digressed as low as it has the past few decades. If I do lose faith or respect for the Conservatives then same as You I will be voting for a fringe Party as a protest vote. What else can one do if we lose faith in the mainstream parties. I have voted NDP, Liberal and Conservative although mostly Conservative. I would have no qualms voting for a fringe party to voice dissatisfaction, I just have not yet reached that stage yet.

  43. Quote… “That is something I would like to discuss with Jack. He thinks corporate tax breaks are bad, yet if they do not get the breaks people are laid off. That causes the unions to lose members and money to invest from union dues in the NDP.

    Banks definitely…but we still have the best bank system in the world. However it does not justify the figures the CEO’s get paid.

    The average worker, yep that sucks. But what do we do to change it?? Most people complain or blame others. If people want change and really think there is a better way, then they should take a stand and start a difference. People fight for gay rights, women’s rights, equality but nobody fights or takes a stand for the Canadian.. Maybe we could take a lesson from all the special interest groups.”

    Words of wisdom Smee. I like that you keep hammering away at what are we, or they going to do to improve or to make change. Bitchin’ and bellyaching, insults and character assignations will not solve problems. I honestly do not see where the tax and spend mentality and throwing money into the wind solves core issues. That is too simplistic and short term. It seems there is a shortage of leaders willing to step away from political correctness, to risk a tough choice and to do what is not popular. I look at Harper and like that he is a leader. I believe he is with conviction, the common sense and gonads to do it but it would take a united effort or a majority government. Absolute the united effort will not be forthcoming and although I strongly hope and believe the Conservatives will win I am not as confident and sure it will be a majority government. Another reason I feel the current election is a waste of time and money.

  44. Garfield easy big guy we share the same opinions.
    I am only pointing facts that many seem not to consider when they provide their opinions.

    At this point I support Harper as well, as I did Harris in the province. They both enforced policy something public opinion seems to want but despises when enforced.

  45. True Smee I do get all revved up. Lol I agree with your statement above and I like that you are consistent in hammering away at what are they specifically going to do.

    At the moment the left knocks Harper’s decisions and accomplishments but same as you, I do not see where the opposers are putting forth specifics. To throw more money at a problem is NOT managing, not adapting and not the solution. Tax and spend policies are not the answer. I get a rash each time that solution is proposed as “THE” solution. I want and hope for concrete solutions and believe Harper is the only one with the conviction and the gonads to do it. I do not want empty rhetoric, empty promises and political correctness that fails to address core issues. I want real and concrete solutions. I am not in full agreement with everything Harper does but the alternative to me falls far short. Any donkey can bray loudly, but how are they going to pull the load… and can they be believed and trusted, or does history repeat itself. I look at Harper and see he has kept us on a even keel as globally others flounder. I appreciate he is a economist and not a elitist or another lawyer. I believe we need leadership and common sense. A country can not function on NDP policies and Canadians realize that. Jack and Gilles can be king makers but never a king. I take Harper warts and all, over Ignatieff any day. For myself at least with Harper I can see what I am going to get… strong leadership, economic stability, tightened immigration, pride maintained in our military, logic and common sense.

  46. While Garfield and Smee dance their extended two-step for Brother Harper, Brother Harper’s multiple coalition positions expose him as a complete fraud.

    Gotta love it!

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