Cornwall Ontario Passes Budget with Less than 2% Increase – The 1.31% Solution – April 1, 2011

Cornwall ON – It’s over for now, or a really neat April Fool’s Joke!

I spoke with City Councilor Denis Carr this morning and he said that the wrangling is over and the committee is going to recommend that the city adopt the budget with a 1.31% increase in the tax levy or about $24 for a $144,000 evaluated property.

The increase could’ve been a bit smaller except they decided to invest $250K in some infrastructure work in the Industrial park.

“…the budget is a long process that never ends.  After this one is approved we have to begin the work for next year’s 2012 budget.”

This year’s exercise was a bit different in that a Community Action Group led by Gerry Benson, Sandy Cameron, Roy Perkins and friends applied community pressure to try and have a zero increase budget.  (All three gentlemen refused comment to this newspaper)

I did hear from Paul Lefebvre of The Best Western PLUS Parkway Inn & Conference Centre:

“I’m extremely disappointed that the committee did not come in with a Zero raise in taxes budget recommendation.  It was important that this goal be achieved as that’s what so many people in this community wished to see happen.”

So Cornwallites?  What do you think of the new budget? You can post your comment below.

Best Western Cornwall


  1. If you add the increased assesment figure of 4.1% to the 1.43% — you will have an actual increase of some 5.5%….perhaps thats why the Community Action Group is unwilling, at this time, to comment….I know Denis does his job well, but lets play with the real figures.

  2. Go twice to the chip wagon and $24 is gone and you don’t miss it. So whats the big deal on $24?

  3. It is the evaluation process of homes that concerns me.
    I am sure council is not basing the tax increase on the current evaluated cost of our homes. There will be a form of audit with which our homes will be evaluated again and in comparison to other homes of a similar market. Little will be taken into account the local demographics. Therefore your home can be evaluated higher then market value. Council can also taint the evaluation to provide more revenue for their needs. It is like the province fighting to reduce the cost of fuel. The more you charge the more government earns in taxes.
    On a side note it is common knowledge in the industry that Cornwall does not have the funds to cover the cost for the water plant upgrades. They plan to do it in two stages. Did Denis take into account how much more phase two will cost in this budget. 1 year more is 30% more in project costs.
    So Denis how accurate are your calculations really?

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