Jack MacLaren Upsets Norm Sterling for Carleton Mississippi Mills PC Nomination – April 1, 2011

Cornwall ON – Jack MacLaren pulled a Rob Ford like upset in besting  long time MPP Norm Sterling to get the nod for the PC riding of  Carleton- Mississippi Mills in the upcoming Ontario Provincial elections.

The riding became a shooting match after first timer Mr. MacLaren’s fight to get the nod over the long time MPP had former Premier Mike Harris jump into the debate.   Mr. MacLaren’s been championed by Fire Brand MPP Randy Hillier and had Tim Hudak’s backing as well.  Mr. Sterling had Mr. Harris speak out in support of him this week.  MP John Baird also lent support to the failed Sterling run.

The event was moved to Scotia Bank place where thousands of people joined into the fray and showed the depth of support for the PC’s in Eastern Ontario and challenges facing the McGuinty government in the upcoming Provincial elections.

“Dalton McGuinty has grown so out of touch he does not respect that every dollar he spends has come directly from Ontario families. As part of a strong PC Team, Jack MacLaren will deliver change for hardworking families who need real relief and a chance to catch up.”

-Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader

This event also marks a change and rift in the PC party that seems to be emanating from MPP Randy Hillier, former leader of  the Lanark Land Owners Association who were more Libertarian than Progressive.

“A Tim Hudak government will show the families of Carleton-Mississippi Mills respect for all they pay in taxes and get government focused on the services that matter to them most, like frontline healthcare.”

-Jack MacLaren, Carleton-Mississippi Mills Ontario PC Candidate

MacLaren Campaign Video


It should be an interesting fall in Eastern Ontario.   You can post your comments below.

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