Letter to the Editor – Lawrence Kazdan of Vancouver BC – Harper Chicken to Debate Ignatieff – April 1, 2011

Dear Editor,
Re:  Why won’t Harper take Ignatieff on in head-to-head debate?STEVEN CHASE, BILL CURRY AND JANE TABER, Thursday, March 31, 2011

Was Harper being truthful when he said he would debate Ignatieff one-on-one?  Gilles Duceppe has already called him a liar when Harper said there was no plan in 2004 to build a political coalition to replace the then-Liberal government.  And Harper clings to F-35 costs that are grossly inaccurate according to the parliamentary budget officer.
Do Canadians really want a Prime Minister guilty of recurring pathological inexactitudes?
Larry Kazdan,  Vancouver, B.C.

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  1. The points you are trying to make above certainly won’t make me change my vote. Harper has been and is still the best man to run the country

  2. In Canadian politics we vote for a candidate to represent our particular district. That candidate can be a part of a political party. If that political party has the majority of seats in parliament then they form a government. We do not vote for an individual as our leader.

    On that basis, what have the Conservatives done for SD&SG and why should we vote for them?

  3. Ask the farmers, ask anyone “What has Guy Lauzon done for us?” You will note that in the last three elections more-and-more people are voting for Guy Lauzon because of what they see happening.

  4. I hardly think Harper is chicken, what will this debate benefit anyone. Remember a debate is not a Q&A session it is a BS session used to make a point, not prove one.

    I would like to see the complete budget that was tabled and compare it to what Iggy is proposing for his campaign.
    I say with confidence Iggy is in part using the Harper budget to promote his campaign, the reason is simple we as Canadians really do not research information most just don’t care. It would be interesting as well seeing how any of the other parties can provide the revenue and breaks they propose with out knowing what is available.

    Do they truly know how much money is available and if so how come we never see what is there?

    I can also say with confidence that should we see a new party in the leadership position they will follow the same path of accusing their predecessor of over spending and renege on the monies and breaks promised.
    So again what is the purpose of the debate maybe it would be entertaining as season finales’ begin, but it would offer nothing else other than our own version of survivor.

    I think you generalize a little on that post. It is not what have the Conservatives done for us so much as what has, Jamie’s April fools buddy, Guy Lauzon done for us?

    If we are not represented properly by the candidate elected to represent our particular district it is hardly the Party’s fault for neglect. This should be shoulderd solely by Guy Lauzon. Put blame where we put our money for service

    However Guy did us one huge favor, He gave us a government call center woo hoo. I just wonder how come he never mentioned why 75% of the people are part time, limited benefits and no real security.

    I bet we see Mario remind us of that situation during his campaign…GO MARIO!!! Though I do not support your party it would be great to see a change of the guard here in Eastern Ontario.

    Nothing in red and less in blue so I leave it up to you.

  5. Again I say what has the Conservatives in general or Mr. Lauzon in particular done for SD&SG. How many new jobs were created for taxpayers in this riding? How many taxpayers in SD&SG actually got one of those jobs? How well did Mr. Lauzon represent this riding in Parliament?

    I know he did a good job representing the Conservative party…..but what about us.

  6. He gave us the governemnt call center Reg

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