Letter to the Editor – Ken Smith of Cornwall Ontario Comments on Cornwall Media Conservative Bias – April 1, 2011

As a loyal citizen of the Cornwall community I try to follow the daily local media and the progress of the city’s institutions.
While I have warmed to the all new radio programming for CJSS FM, I find their political sentiment close to all Conservative. Of the dj staff, I find “the new guy in town” Matt Weaver notably a crusader for the CPC.
During an afternoon broadcast this week Weaver spoke of the CBC’s Vote Compass test, aimed at suggesting to potential voters which party they share the most views with.
Weaver stated the CBC online party matchup scored everyone as Liberal, no matter how you answered the questions.
So I took the test myself, answering from a Conservative point of view. Lo and behold I rated as a right wing Conservative, both in Social conservatism and the Economic right.
I singularly gave Stephen Harper 10 out of 10 on topics of, hmm, trustworthiness and competence. I also checked off Conservative values such as restrictions on abortion, reversal of gay rights and indifference to the environment.
It is hard to comprehend how a community radio broadcaster entrusted with providing our Cornwall and area community with factual information, can air this kind of manipulation of the truth.
I’m a long time subscriber to the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder. Part of the Sun Media chain now, its national political content is obviously Conservative slanted.
Veteran Standard-Freeholder reporter Claude McIntosh wrote for print the day before the election opened that Super Guy would renew his MP leadership while Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement would be “Tomorrow’s Gal”.
These declared media favouritisms are not balanced reporting. They represent only one party following in the community and therefore misrepresent the community as a whole.
As an institution of the community, the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce has publicly asked citizens to vote for corporate tax cuts which is clearly a vote for the Conservative platform. When the Conservatives have already given away  $54 billion to corporates.
Ken Smith – Cornwall Ontario – St. Lawrence College Journalism Graduate

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