Letter to the Editor – Allan Webster of Aisa Craig Ontario Questioning Who Paid for MP’s Mailing – April 2, 2011

I live near Aisa Craig, Ontario. On Moday, I received a flyer in the mail from my MP, Bev Shipley.

One side of the page was pure electioneering. It even had the phrase ‘We’re better off with Harper’ and outlined three key points of his government’s focus. The fact that I received it in Monday’s mail made me suspect it had been paid for with the public purse through Parliamentary mailings. I sent an email off to Bev and have had no reply disputing this fact.

If this same practice has been carried out in the rest of the Conservative ridings, it would mean that the Conservatives have been paying for a large part of their campaign literature with our money.

John Diefenbaker once stated, “Democracy gives us the right to be wrong: not to do wrong.” This is wrong.

Allan Webster – Aisa Craig, Ontario


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  1. Strange that someone identified as living in “Aisa Craig, Ontario” would write in, complaining about the Conservatives, and then sign off giving their location again as Aisa Craig, Ontario. It’s strange that someone living at that town doesn’t realize that it’s spelled Ailsa Craig. I think it’s just another attempt at kicking the Conservatives.

  2. No so strange that someone who uses the pseudonym of Old Mafiosi would be defending the Conservatives when there are so many criminal types have recently been associated to the Conservatives.

  3. And Jean (GST, gone! ) Cretien never used a napkin for a legal document. Did Canada ever get any of that sposorship money back?

    Wasn’t there just a Liberal Senator charged with fraud? They are entitled to their entiltalments.

    People are fallible, no matter the party Reg.

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