Greens Still Not at Federal Debate Table – Why? Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – April 5, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I hate going to court personally.   I really do feel that most times it’s the guilty that are protected more than the victims.   Today Green Party leader Elizabeth May lost her bid to use the courts to force the Media Consortium to allow her to debate the other mostly Federal leaders.

Across Canada all candidate debates will be occurring.  On our public air waves we are omitting a national party’s leader and to me it all comes down to why?

Why after the last election discussion about Ms May’s inclusion weren’t clear rules or guidelines created to avoid this situation from happening again to the Greens or any other party?

With former PM’s Joe Clark and Paul Martin joining thousands of Canadians, if not millions who truly believe in Democracy clearly stating their positions are not these media consortium people figuring out which end is up?

What mostly disturbs me personally is that there are three gentleman asking for my vote as a Canadian, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, and Jack Layton.   Where are their voices?  Where is their leadership?  Surely if all three stood up and told the media consortium that if they don’t allow Ms May there is no debate the out come would be quite clear?

So we have one woman.   One candidate.  The leader of a party that even if included doesn’t have much more expectation than winning a handful of seats if the stars align correctly being forced out of the debates by a bunch of ” Old Boys”.     Is that why we’re bombing Libya and risking soldiers in Afghanistan?  Is this our Canadian brand of Democracy we wish to spread to the world?

Is this something that we all should be proud of as Canadians?  What are they afraid of?  What are you afraid of?  You can post your comments below.

I think not.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – Canada Free News

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  1. Is there not a requirement to have atleast ine seat in the house?

  2. Is there not a requirement to be a national political party? I believe the rules are set arbitrarily by the consortium of the old boy news club. There are well over 1 million people across Canada who support the Green Party. They are not being represented in this debate. Mr. Harper was embarrassed by Ms. May during the last debate and I believe he is probably relieved to see her excluded.

  3. Author

    What is it with Conservatives of late? Today I received word that our MP, Mr. Guy Lauzon is refusing to talk with or participate in any of our election coverage. So for his own very petty and personal attacks on myself; which started with my wrongful dismissal from the local Habitat for Humanity outfit, he is essentially refusing to speak to the 40,000+ unique visitors to this newspaper each month; over half who hail from his riding and nearby Ottawa.
    In spite of my own personal opinions of the man he was invited to participate with each of the other candidates of this riding to date in any coverage or events we’ve worked on related to the election as well.

    That’s why Mr. Harper will not get his majority, because this kind of thinking isn’t unique to Mr. Lauzon who is not known for his great thinking capacity. It’s endemic of the Harper government and the sheep that follow behind their leader.

    Helena Guergis, how many staffers that have revolved through his door? and the chain of indignities Canada has suffered at Mr. Harper’s hand.

    Last week I bumped into a prominent Conservative who lambasted Mr. Lauzon and Mr. Harper to me. I asked if I could quote him and he laughed and said yes, on May 3rd.

    So you can keep a legitimate Federal leader out of a debate. You can keep a legitimate Federal candidate out of a shopping mall clearly violating the law, but eventually Karma catches up.

    This election just may be call time from Mr. Harper and many of his sheep….

  4. Yo Jamie. If this campaign keeps going as it is, Harper likely won’t even get a minority. I am cautiously optimistic for now.

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