Mark A MacDonald helps Cornwall Ontario Grow by 4 as his Son and Family Move From BC – April 6, 2011

Cornwall ON – In his bid for Mayor in the Municipal election here in Cornwall Ontario Mark A Macdonald said one of his goals was to help grow the population of Cornwall Ontario and in his bid to win the Liberal nomination in the upcoming Provincial election he’s still looking to attract people to the area.

He’s really going to great lengths as he’s helping his son Jason and wife Tawnie move from BC to Cornwall along with their two children Cassidy 2 and Gavin 4.

Mr. MacDonald had the following to say:

It was extremely disappointing to hear the news about StarTek and bringing a new family to Cornwall at this time could be seen as bad timing but I agree with the Mayor that there is good news on the horizon.

Now, more than ever the City should be doing everything possible to make sure that the new distribution warehouse becomes a reality.

We are in the middle of a federal election and a provincial election is just around the corner and I intend to make JOBS a top priority.

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  1. Welcome home Tawny and Jason … can’t wait to see the kids :0)

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