Bridging the Issues in SD&SG Federal Election Campaign by Jamie Gilcig – April 9, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Joseph Goebbels is considered a great propagandist and one of  the tenets he practiced, not invented as many think, is that if you tell a lie often enough it starts to become the truth.

The Ottawa Citizen managed to get all four of our Federal Candidates to sit down for a debate and interview and it is quite enlightening.  If you click the link you can watch the video.

Our MP, Guy Lauzon, ran out the drivel over the Seaway International Bridge issue.  He talked of the Criminal element in Akwesasne, threats to CBSA agents, and public safety.   He talked about he was the key to keeping the border open as the Harper government wanted to close it and most disturbingly in many ways how he supports our National border being co-located with US customs.

So in one fell swoop our MP has advocated a form of our National Autonomy based in non-factual information?

We covered the bridge crisis on ground zero.  I was present in the tent put together by peaceful protesters that Mr. Lauzon said was a deterrent to resolution of the crisis.

The issue was always about CBSA guards being armed.    The Harper’s government handling and communication with Akwesasne was consistent with the way that they have communicated as a government.

Here are links to some of the coverage we had during the crisis.

The Night of the Bridge Closure

Mohawk Plebiscite Results

MP Todd Russell on The Bridge Crisis & Pigeons


1) Do you want the CBSA operations to return to the customs facility on Kawehnoke?  1119 voted yes, and 371 voted no.

2) If yes, should the CBSA employees be allowed to return to carry out their duties as armed officers at the customs facility located on Kawehnoke?   Yes 468 No 671.

One Year Anniversary of the Closure

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Communications Frustration

On April 22, 2010, The Grand Chief of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, Mike Mitchell, issued a statement to notify the public that there had NOT been any substantive discussions or meetings of the Task Force Group that is composed of Akwesasne leadership and high level officials of the Canada Border Services Agency since the fall of 2009.

Today there is less bridge traffic.   There’s a new low level bridge coming.   There still isn’t good communication from the Harper Government or their Messenger, MP Lauzon.

I just think that history should not get twisted or re jigged.   There are many important issues voters face across Canada and in SD&SG Ontario.   For many this is one of them.

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  1. Everyone’s concern about the bridge seems to be about relocating Customs.

    My concern is that the bridge and access roadway construction, is cutting our waterfront in half, and is really just a gift to our council’s election financiers (PARIS Holdings and investors Trenholm Healy and Gerry Rose).

    The gift being, free roadways and sewers and other utilities for development of former Domtar lands now owned by PARIS Holdings…a waterfront that is being snatched from us just as we almost had it back.

    A preliminarybackground account (fact and fair comment) can be found at

    The next installment regarding the actual bridge development is srtill being edited.

    Corrections and comments are invited. The contact e-mail can be found at the site.

  2. The courage of the Cornwall Free News is commendable.

    Information has been available to the mainstream press for months, about legal action to track down the proceeds of crime and reclaim the tens of millions of dollars allegedly stolen by ex-Cornwall city councillor William Wise. But that information has not been disseminated to the people of Cornwall.

    Even though the legal action could affect Cornwall land development, bridge construction, a new CBSA facility, and even a Cornwall charity… The Standard-Freeholder, radio, and weekly news publications have chosen to turn a blind eye.

    It has taken the time and effort of a private citizen, and a fledgling news outlet to bring the scandal to light.

    (And judging by page hits from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Queen’s Park in Toronto, and our own Cornwall City Hall, it appears this particular piece of corruption is getting attention)

  3. Important article. Once again Guy Lauzon MP appears to be a mere cipher—-a mouthpiece for Harperite ideology—-not a voice for his consitituents.

  4. Lauzon is no different from any other Reformatory MP. His job requires him to parrot the lines written by the PMO. There is zero-tolerance for original thought, or expression, within the Harper regime.

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