Mayor Jim McDonell Wins Nod for Conservatives in SD&SG Nomination – April 9, 2011

Avonmore ON – Tawgi Secondary school was the setting for the Conservatives of SD&SG to have their nomination for their candidate in the October Provincial election.

Mayor Jim McDonell of South Glengarry Township Ontario edged out David Guy.   It was a fairly close contest with over 1600 member eligible to vote.    Mr. Guy was said to have sold almost twice the memberships of Mayor MacDonell, but didn’t get enough votes to get over the hump.

MP Guy Lauzon was present and his right hand man, Mayor Eric Duncan was the Chair of the Nomination Committee.   MPP Stephen Clark from Brockville was present as well.

Joe Gunn was there and had this to say:

This was one of the smoothest run Nomination conventions I’ve ever attended.

Now that the Provincial Conservatives have their man it should be interested to see who the NDP decide on with local Cornwall Councilor Elaine MacDonald considered the front runner.   The Liberals currently have three candidates seeking their nomination.

What do you think Conservatives of SD&SG?  You can post your comments below..

Choose Cornwall


  1. the masses have spoken, Long live the king!

  2. Hi Folks
    I wish to offer my congratulations to Jim on winning the Conservative nomination. He’s a good man. If I’m lucky enough to win the Liberal nomination I look forward to constructive discussion about our vision for the future of Ontario and the riding of SDSG.

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