Letter to the Editor – Susan Tondrow of Cornwall Ontario Isn’t Happy With the Harper Conservative Government – April 12, 2011

Stephen Harper is not there for us!

What does it take to wake Canadians up?

The Conservative government, under Stephen Harper has been a divisive force, muzzling MPs, civil servants and diplomats, racing to the bottom with a barrage of bullying attack ads before an election was even called, and keeping important budget information from


Parliament, to the point where it has been found in contempt, a first in Canadian history. By contrast, our Universal Medicare program, our Pension Plan and even the selection of our Canadian flag were all passed under a minority Canadian government. These programs were made possible because political parties of different stripes worked together for the good of the people.


We need a leader who respects the voices of all our elected Members of Parliament, not a contemptuous schoolyard bully with a compliant gang of MP bystanders. We must not fool ourselves into thinking that Stephen Harper is there for us! Contempt of Parliament is really contempt of us.

Susan Towndrow – Cornwall

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  1. I like the analogy, “schoolyard bully with a compliant gang of MP bystanders” Susan, I’ve have frequently used the schoolyard bully analogy, but never the “compliant gang of MP bystanders” thought. It conjures up a visual impression of a group of underlings who may understand what is happening is wrong, but are so afraid of the gang leader that they just stand back and watch. I think perhaps we saw a couple of the gang members finally come to their senses and quit politics this election though.

  2. And now we have the Conservatives misusing a quote from the Auditor General praising the Liberals from a 2010 media report “referring to the auditor general’s assessment of national security spending by the Liberal government in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001”

    Now the Conservatives are claiming she said that about the Conservative spending on the G-8/G-20 summit. Lies, lies and more lies.

  3. Outstanding letter calling us to action.

    How can we say NO to bullying in schools and the work place across this great country and give Harper and his gang a pass?

  4. I would of never thought of the “school yard bully” and yet it describes Harper so well. His lies make me sick. I watched a video from awhile back of him and Obama lying to reporter’s that they were NOT building a mega highway between Mexico and Canada. They said it was a conspiracy theory. Then I watched recent video where he admits they are. How can anyone planning to vote this criminal back in live with themselves? Obviously people who do not keep in touch with the news and not just the 6 o’clock news or are voting traditionally as their Grandfather did.

  5. Pieere E Trudeau was there for us. He forced upon us, multiculturism, metric, bilingulism and this opportunity for a province to opt out with a not withsatnding clause. Do you think any of those were not divisive to Canada?

    Health care and various immigration programs are eating a very large portion of all tax money, no one with a minority will even touch the subjects. Compassion has to have a breaking point though !

  6. Harper is a politician or as some seem to neglect a business manager. The so called school yard bully tactics mentioned are no different then a manager at shall we say Sigma Point would administer if people did not follow their business plan or is counter prodcutive to what they plan to achieve.

    Attack ads, well in that respect no one is any different or worse then the other.

    The Health care issue, often shows its face, but I see nobody suggesting a viable solution. As it stands it seems people are just standing in line to agree with others. Not unlike animals following the lead animal to slaughter.
    Besides, the issues with health care are porvincial, perhaps a little research should be done before posting on that topic.

    It would be a more productive then just followiing the news, and even Jamie cannot neglect how different media outlets are somewhat partisan one way or the other.

  7. smee…if a business manager treats their staff the way Mr. Harper a political leader, answerable to the Canadian public or board of directors and not a business manager, treats fellow members of the board, the electorate, they would be fired. He has been found in contempt of the Canadian system of parliament , his mandate has been challenged and we have an election. The “Harper Government” did not have a majority, so please quit acting like democracy and parliamentary procedures just get in the way. Many of us want this election as we would like to return the “Canadian Government” to power.
    As for “Health care”…according to my memory it was created during a minority government under PM Lester B. Pearson, thanks to the corporation of a functioning parliament., something we haven’t had for a while, and the provinces rely on federal funding to support the system. So the federal government is crucial to the system it is a issue worthy of our attention during this and any election-feral or provincial.
    You said, “Attack ads, well in that respect no one is any different or worse then the other “. Are you seriously trying to tell us you believe that crap? If so, take a reality pill, because denial proves Conservatives are the uninformed animals being lead to slaughter. How many millions of dollars did the Conservative party spend on prime time TV ads to discredit and near slander both Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff the instant they became leaders of the Liberals. Canadians had never seen such viciousness in political commercials before which played throughout periods of non-election. Those commercials flagrantly took quotes out of context and mixed with false innuendos created scandalously false impressions of legitimate leaders of the opposition party. Open your eyes to the truth.

  8. If this truely was a business Mr. Harper would be in jail or at least fired by the Board of Directors for money laundering, kick backs and fraud. He has already been caught lying and convicted. He would be applying for EI if this was truly a business and he was the manager.

    Animals going to slaughter are just following instinct. You Conservatives have the option of rational thought and yet you still choose to drink the blue juice offered by Reverend Harper. Remember, power wrapped in a religious cloak has a voracious appetite.

  9. How true, Reg. And great metaphors.

  10. I am really surprised how quickly EVERYONE has forgotten why the Liberals got kicked out – and not voted back in! Ad Scandal. EI rip-off. No answers; no paybacks. If the Liberals get back into power while we are in the middle of a recession, they WILL BANKRUPT CANADA. I would rather have an Economist run this country through a recession, than a ‘journalist/showman’. We don’t need lies and taxes to fill their bank accounts, we need jobs in an economy that is functioning well. Here. Now.

  11. Author

    Other than the oil sands, some resources, and short term government recession pumping where are those jobs at the expense of Canadian tax payers? Where are our industrial jobs? Where are full time jobs? Here in Cornwall we’re losing jobs faster than we’re growing them. Please do elucidate your points? Let’s see some numbers to back up your claims?

  12. left-or-right says
    True health care was enacted by the conservatives but is more associated with Tommy Douglas. So many good things from a party that operates which on restraint and controls, something people seem to have issue with today.

    Attack ads,
    The Liberals
    Liberals accuse Harper of an agenda to cut health care spending…
    Or target Harper’s ‘contempt for Canadians’.
    Does that not qualify?
    In 2006 the liberals spent all their money on attack ads…

    The NDP
    “Ignatieff failed his first test as leader. Jack Layton’s the only leader strong enough to stand up to Harper and get us through this economic crisis.”
    I would have to say yes they all use attack ads

    Denial you say, not in the least. Now as you build a retort please do not use minimisation to explain thoughts or justify liberal and NDP actions. One is no better or worse than the other.

    Ontario had similar issues with Iron Mike, he said he would cut and clean and when he did everyone cried foul.

    Should the liberals be elected, my corporate taxes will increase by about 3%. The HST will remain on utilities just as Chretien left the GST. They are Crown corporations after all. People will pay more in taxes so we can incorporate the Liberal Family plan, and offer students more money to post secondary education. More homes lost as corporations decide to cut back further in order to offset the tax increase. On a side note if the corporate tax rate increases do you not think there would be modifications to pay outs, write offs and operating strategies???

    I think you should not so much look at that face at the top but at what the results will be if elected. Also do not let media make the decision for you

  13. While I was elucidating on my way to the forum….

  14. In about 18 months the winners of this election will get to vote on a change to the Canada Pension Act. With the change, an individual would have to live in Canada for 15 years before being eligible for the pension…as opposed to three. Ask your, might be MP, about that.

  15. Not sure what side your on Easy Money, but 15 years to collect a pension is still pretty good. We need people to come here, work and pay their own way, not just take. Canada has many safety nets already, and some are being abused.

    Oh, and Harper said he would continue the 6% rate increase for health care just like Iggy.

  16. Even 15 years to collect a pension is not enough! You should be working at least 30 years to be able to apply for a pension.

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