It’s Time for the French Language Debate! Catch our coverage as we post LIVE and evaluate after. April 13, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

It’s Time for the French Language Debate!  Catch our coverage as we post LIVE and evaluate after. April 13, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – We’re going to be covering the French debate tonight.   Keep coming back as we’ll be updating the page as the debate evolves.

Governance up first.   Iggy gives us a geographical lesson on French communities of Canada.  Duceppe jabs at Ignatieff on coalitions.   Iggy counters on clear choice focusing on Liberal or Conservative government.  Skate, Skate, Skate…

Whatever happened to “None of the Above?”

Boring as crap so far…the voices they’re using for the English translation are a total hoot!

It’s almost the same script as last night!

Harper vs Layton – Economy and Government Spending.   What the heck kind of accept is the English language translator using for Mr. Layton?

More of the same from last night.   I’m thinking it might be time to switch to NHL play off hockey which I have a hunch is what these guys want…

Duceppe just hit Harper a good one on starting to tell the truth.    Smacko for Gilles!

Layton just landed a “Left Cross” suggesting that Harper policies are part of the problem; not the solution.  Ow.   Seniors are probably nodding during this one…

They’re talking about Canadian values now….

Weak shot at Harper by Iggy.   Harper is hitting back now…and missing….onto the gun registry….now onto the facebook scandal….Harper ignores the feint and goes back onto the attack about the gun registry….used the same line as last night….this is like watching Guy Lauzon debates in Federal elections….

Iggy catches Harper with the Contempt of Parliament conviction.

OMG, they just showed Mr. Harper’s podium full of note cards!  Crib notes for the PM!

Duceppe is going on about Bill 101 again.   Iggy is pandering to it.   Bill 101 is horrid and not Democratic. Jack and Gilles are going up Bill 101.   Jack is about to fall down, but switched gears and flung a George Bush at Mr. Harper.

lol, Harper just tried to get a whopper by on his crime bill,  and all three leaders jumped him.   Gilles just Carson’d Mr. Harper and called him a liar.

Finally!  One tid bit of interest and that’s the role the NDP can fill for Quebecers instead of the Bloc!

Iggy reaching out to families.   He wants to raise corporate taxes to 18% to pay for that assistance.

Quebec’s place in Canada – Harper vs Duceppe.

Love how Duceppe calls out Harper when he tells a porkie.   I have to admit that Bill 101 is a Red Flag for me.   You can protect a language without attacking another.    Harper won this round with Mr. Duceppe.

Iggy tangling with Gilles.   Suggests that the Bloc is living in the past.  Ouch!


I’m not Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

Wow.  That was a mouthful.   Mr. Duceppe like many Quebec hockey players seems to play better on offense than defense….

Harper just jumped in and I have to respectfully give him two points for his line about the other three leaders forming a coalition.   Great line, but still my choice over Mr. Harper forming another government!

Jack Layton just said Winning…is Tiger Blood next?

I think Mr. Harper thinks that if you explain spin calmly, slowly and quietly it somehow makes it more credible…Mr. Harper was just confronted with Kairos and Odagate.

My rankings for the debate tonight:

1) Mr. Harper (surprising, sad, but true)

2) Mr. Layton (by default)

3) Mr. Duceppe ( fumbled, whined, but still scored points)

4) Mr. Ignatieff ( took some shots, but didn’t connect and most were jabs)

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Best Western Cornwall

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why is Duceppe permitted to be in a federal debate? He only represents one group of people. I wonder how much the second debate cost just to appease one province and one people.


My Opinion On Who Won the French Federal Debate. 1. Gille Duceppe: I’m in no way a Separatist nor do I advocate it. I do support however Québec’s desire to do more for itself, while protecting their heritage despite the difficulties and challenges brought forth by the rest the country. A simple history of Québec will suffice to explain that. For those who listened to the debate with translation, it is worth noting, that it can be difficult to get a real sense of the sentiments Quebecers uphold from the point of view of any other language; ask any native… Read more »


I thought Mat, that the bilingual Supreme Court Judges issue was dead and should be. The number of qualified Lawyers to be in that group is very small, why would you want to have less candidates apply.
Are you looking for the best candidate or the best one that can speak French? They are not always going to be the same person.

Concerning Harper on treading carefully, he has said he would maintain the 6% each year. How I do not know. Between health care and immigration, there is not much money left.


I forgot to add Mat, that while reading your blip on Harper it occured to me you were looking for a Prime Minister of Quebec, not Canada.
Show proof of the lies, please. and your population estimate was close.
Ont – 13,21,700
Que – 7,907,400
BC – 4,531,000


I’m not well versed in the bilingual Supreme Court issue, but heard about it here and there. The thought of it did and still does strike me as odd, that so few are available. That no candidates from our Country can work proficiently in both languages, when 7,907,40 could be misrepresented(using strickly Quebecs population) . Language IS culture and not just a means to a technical understanding of the law; and so it should not be considered fair for anybody to be judged from any other language, be it french, native american etc.. Which raises another issues since we are… Read more »