Jeff Brunet Calls Press Conference to Protest Cornwall Ontario Council Unsecured Interest Free Loan to Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off 2011 – LIVE ON Thursday April 21, 2011 4 PM

Cornwall ON – Jeff Brunet was hopping mad today when the City of Cornwall granted Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off 2011 an unsecured interest free $30,000 loan.

Brunet the founder of Cornstalk and owner of Alkaline Entertainment was turned down from almost all city support and stated he was told that the city was not in the business of giving out loans is organizing a press conference for Thursday April 21, 2011.

More details to follow and we will be running a special edition of  Thursday April 21 at 4 PM and speak with Mr. Brunet and some other area event promoters and interested parties.


Earlier Jeff Brunet Video on the local music scene on The Cornwall Free News.

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  1. I think its a shame that the City Council play with peoples lives in this way. It should be the same for all.

  2. Go Jamie
    I am looking forrward to seeing how this plays out!!!!!

  3. So it’s alright when he is making $$$$$ but no one else can make a go of it.
    this guy is a joke. He calls himself a booking agent, but all he does is make a few calls gets you some talent, and takes his % just for making those few phone calls.
    any one can book an act today.

    and he never started of Cornstalk – like his business, he just keeps changing the name. What will he call it next week?

  4. Do you know how much work goes into booking an event like this? I know Jeff and hes worked with the best and hes not just a booking agent. He investigates previous costs and where bands have played in the area, not to mention he has tons of contacts in the biz. If you think think all he does is make phone calls your crazy, he does it all – tech rider, contracts, offer sheets, ect. Lets just call a spade a spade, just cause Jeff spoke up doesn`t mean hes the only one in the community that feels this way, the Lift Off house band and entertainment co-ord main-man Rob Salt should step aside and let someone who knows what they are doing step up the plate, like Jeff. A joke, far from.

  5. I volunteered for Cornstock and I do KNOW for a FACT that Jeff is the founder of Cornstock along with his partner Ray Boucher. You should know your facts before you (Alain) start your ranting. You have no idea what goes on behind every booking made for a show.
    Just for your information, he has only changed the name of his business once when he sold Storm Entertainment.

  6. Just more of the “old boys club”. Cornwall is full of it. From City Councel to the City of Cornwall! Just gotta love it!

  7. Somebody give me a break. This Jeff character calls a press release as if he someone of any stature in this community. He basically says that his supporters are not there, because they are all working their own jobs. Isn’t that funny? In other words, he doesn’t have a job. This clown is always on the outter-edge of events in the city inputs on the most terrible shows: that french event that just took place was an absolute disaster. No one showed up and like his ‘cornstock’, the sound was ammature and unprofessional. The Justin Bieber concert was a disastrous event. The sound very terrible. This guy only gets involved when he can make money off of it. Look at all the organizations that have dropped this bozo!

  8. I think another interesting fact about this man is all of the people he is criticizing are volunteers. He does nothing for anyone unless there is a pay-off. It would be nice if he had some kind of formal training or background in this field, but he is just a guy who pops up every so often, offers to run a show, but for a price. And yes Ray, my daughter was at his concert recently and it was pathetic, the sound was terrible. That thing he ran int he park a few years back would be better titled ‘Corn-joke’. It was poorly run, and again, the sound was terrible! As far as the ‘ol boys club’ goes, it is ironic that it does exist, but Jeff has his own group.

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