MP Bob Rae’s Views on Internet Usage and more. Visit to Cornwall Ontario April 18, 2011

Cornwall ON – We’re catching up from editing all this election debate video.     MP Bob Rae visited Cornwall Monday and had a lot to say about health care and Mr. Harper and his government.


“Stephen Harper is currently enrolled in the witness protection program..”

Oil Companies and Banks need to wait their turn.  Pharmacare.  More from Bob Rae.


Answering questions from the crowd.


“The way Mr. Harper will ever get a message is if he’s no longer Prime Minister on May 3rd.”

MP Bob Rae on the Internet in Canada and UBB


Liberal volunteer Amy on why she switched from the Conseravtives to the supporting Ms Clement.


It’s refreshing to see politicians work a crowd without over zealous protection and fearing legitimate questions or even polite challenges.

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  1. Great coverage.

  2. Liberals “We” / Conservatives “Me” —- great line, Mr. Rae. Says it all.

  3. And great job, Jamie.

  4. It’s always nice to hear of a Liberal leader wanabee telling us about Stephen Harper and our Conservative government. Why does he not tell us about the Liberals and everything they’ve done? It can’t be swept under the rug as the Liberals are the biggest crooks in the history of Canadian governments.

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