Dear Mayor Kilger & Council – Spin From $30K Loan to Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off 2011 and Jeff Brunet Press Conference – April 21, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – What would Pat Finnerty say about Lift Off getting $30,000 in unsecured interest free loans?   That’s a rhetorical question of course as we didn’t ask Mr. Finnerty who ran for council and drew over 1000 votes in the last municipal election.

Today the buzz hit the streets hard over the monies that council has agreed to tender, and after much discussion and thought I decided to share this gem with the city.    We covered it with a special edition on with Councilor Andre Rivette joining Jeff Brunet of Alkaline Entertainment and Mark A Macdonald; current Provincial Liberal nominee candidate and founder of the Cabane a Sucre event in Les Villages.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Dear Mayor Kilger, and council,

As a tax payer and supporter of Arts, Culture and small business I’m very disappointed in the process that led to Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off 2011 being given an unsecured loan for $30,000, especially when that organization has seen two presidents resign in less than one year.

I don’t feel the manner in which these monies are being tendered is fair dinkum and that there are many in the community that should be given consideration too.

That being said and as a firm believer in the old saying that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade I’d like to ask that you and council consider taking this $30,000 when and if it comes back and creating a fund for Small Business, the Arts, and Culture to create a fund for Micro-Loans.

Something that events, businesses, and artisans can apply to, with clear cut criteria and fairly administered; to be used to help people that need it most who offer so much to our community.

I think that some of these high risk loans, if made available at prime +5 would actually cause the fund to grow over time and be able to help our community even more.

I belong to one organization that will loan a business up to $15,000 interest free as long as 3 people of good name and ability c0-sign.

We could do something similar and you’d be amazed at how such seeds can produce.

Maybe the Kinsmen or the Lift Off team could contribute a little extra and maybe more local business would consider contriubting and perhaps we could get this fund up t $50 or even $100,000?

If we’re going to put taxpayers money at risk; let’s do so responsibly, safely, and in the most productive way for our city.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor

The Cornwall Free News, Canada Free News, and

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  1. They just love to handle our money. It’s so easy to give away when it’s not theirs!

  2. The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall (of which I’m a proud Life Member) since its inception in 1936 has given mega millions into this community – Over $100 thousand yearly – I trust their is no agenda here to discredit the Kinsmen of Cornwall and their families….Surely the city can take a chance on $30,000. to a VOLUNTEER organization whose budget is three quarters of a million dollars annually….Support your city – grow up!

  3. Author

    Joe then why didn’t the current Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off 2011 team go to the Kinsmen for a short term loan? This isn’t about supporting the city. This is about procedure and choice of costs? They city supports this Kinsmen named event already.
    Surely you can understand the frustration of other groups and entities that would like to create events or processes to promote the area being turned down by the City or have the process be so daunting see a special meeting of council created and an unsecured cheque for $30K be cut without so much as a document of support offered?

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