Letter to the Editor – Larry Kazdan of Vancouver BC thinks “Prairie Premier ignorant of the rules.” – April 22, 2011

Dear Editor,

Premier Brad Wall does not understand how parliamentary democracy works.

So let me make it easy.  A government must retain the confidence of a majority of Members of Parliament sitting in the House of Commons.

Mr. Harper has a third chance at winning a majority May 2nd. If he fails and cannot find a way to work with other parties, as he has failed to do twice before, then it’s the equivalent of three strikes.

He’s out. Someone else comes up to the plate to seek majority support.  Sorry if Conservative supporters don’t like it – but those are the rules!

Larry Kazdan, Vancouver BC

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  1. Do you actually think that Guy would be out of a job?

  2. Were you at any of the debates? I hope he did better in the House of Commons than he does when his job is on the line. Forget that, I know he didn’t.

  3. Is there any video of any of the debates other than the Avonmore debate that are going to be posted here? Yesterday was an excellent debate, and I thought I saw Jamie there. If no video was recorded for this site, can anyone supply a link of the full video that Cogeco recorded yesterday?

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