Letter to the Editor – PJ Robertson of Morrisburg Ontario on MP Guy Lauzon’s Contempt – April 24, 2011

In the federal all-candidates debate in the Cornwall Civic Complex, SDSG MP Guy Lauzon is reported to have dismissed Parliament’s contempt ruling against the Conservatives as simply the opposition parties ganging up, and therefore meaningless.


Clearly, Mr. Lauzon has learned nothing about parliamentary democracy and has no time for it.


So, why is he running for re-election to an institution he holds in contempt?  And why would anyone vote for him?


PJ Robertson  – Morrisburg ON

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  1. Well said…Mr. Lauzon has always been a contemptuous man and the most he has really done for the majority of his constituents is send us junk mail so we would have something to line our bird cages with. Thanks Guy you truly are an environmentally friendly CONservative!

  2. Who would vote for guy lauzon? Only the citizens who do not turn on the news or people who think the news is fake and there are little people in their lightbulbs?

  3. i stopped voting after the first one i cant stand our government cause they could care less about us i made my wife to be quit voting because of there crap its a waste of time to go and vote for people that are in it just for the money. It all went to there head. all they keep hearing in there ears is big raise,big raise or money,money,money if there ever did anything nice for us for once like give us a huge chunk of money for free like they do to all these foreigners then maybe i would vote for them.

  4. Author

    That’s sad and that’s falling into “their” hands. If you don’t vote as frustrating as it may be sometimes laws get passed and things change and some of those things are very very scary.

  5. jamiealite, not to vote is voting by default for the cons. Choose any other party if you need to but if you don’t vote you get no voice and so should just not complain about anything going on… Since you don’t vote and have convinced others to put an end to their democratic rights as well I dont even understand why you bother writing your opinions here. So what ever happens to you, too bad because you did not exercise your democratic right to choose how your future goes.

    A link for you.


  6. In this election, in particular, I’ve learned nothing but disrespect for the under 30 crowd who don’t intend to vote. They are like laughing children making a mess and leaving adults to clean it up. I will count on them for nothing in the future. Their demographics will not matter. They don’t even care or know that I’m mad at them because they don’t read political sites. How frustrating. As for the political leaders who shy from saying anything controversial, it’s really too bad we don’t settle elections by throwing MP’s to a howling mob or electing the one that floats in the water.

    I still think the Liberals conspired to get the Conservatives elected because the Libs want to join the North American Union as much as the NDP and Cons do. If we had proportional representation, I would vote Bloc Quebecois just to stay in Canada. North American Union, now googles over 26 million results. This time, two years ago, it got 3 million results.

    Yeah, they sucked us in on a potato farm lie. Jacqueline, with a Harper majority we can count on being surrounded by open pit mines, nuclear reactors and two headed chickens speaking latin. See you at the barricades. You got a guitar?

  7. I got to say that Guy Lauzon aint all that bad!! His office and staff are not perfect and I don’t agree with all his political moves but they have helped a lot of people out in this community. If you’re not happy with his party then vote them out!!

  8. Well I guess Guy was right!

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