Conservative Incumbent Pierre Lemieux Fights off the Women in Glengarry Prescott & Russell Ontario – April 25, 2011

St. Isidore ON – I decided to wander a bit and cover a debate in St. Isidore.  It was an All candidates debate in Glengarry, Presscott, and Russell Ontario which encompasses Hawkesbury, Alexandria and many parts in between.


Most of the debate was in French, and it was hosted by an area newspaper, but this had some major drama.   The big hot button issue seemed to be the “Dump the Dump” campaign with many locals frustrated over a proposed dump which would be a place for Toronto and other areas to dump their waste.

While some Farmer’s like the idea, and some like the potential for a few jobs in an area that desperately needed them many feel a threat to the local water table.


Liberal candidate Julie Bourgeois had her hands full.   In this riding the lawyer and mother of two is trying to unseat 5 year incumbent Pierre Lemieux.

The popular Mr. Lemieux, Conservative, fended off her attacks during the evening and while Ms Bourgeois may have had more applause there certainly was no booing or heckling similar to what nearby SD&SG incumbent Guy Lauzon has experienced in the debates.

Speaking of which this event was more a Q&A session with the public than a true debate.

Conservative MP Pierre Lemieux


The wild card in this riding is Ms Sylvie Lemieux who is running for the Green Party.  Ms Lemieux, an Engineer (another Green Party candidate who’s an engineer!) caused a National media stir when she tried to force a leadership convention against current Party leader Elizabeth May.


The NDP candidate,  Denis A. Seguin was a late arrival on April 2nd stood close to his playbook.

It was an interesting night and it should be an interesting race.


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