Orange Surge Sweeping Across Canada. EKOS POLL Pegs NDP with 98 Seats – April 28, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Prime Minister Layton?   In September of 2009 Mr. Layton took time from his day and granted an interview to a newbie Online newspaper.   I’m sure he had much better things to do, but he gave us a shot and it was an amazing interview.

I was truly amazed at how different he was chatting on the phone than from his public persona; not that he has a bad public persona, but without lights and a microphone I think he was able to be a bit more himself.

As a rookie it was a coup for us and of course Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff could not ever find time (Mr. Ignatieff had four shots to give me or one of our team a few minutes including his visit to Cornwall) It also gave me a brief insight to how Mr. Layton has become so popular.

No “Cone of Silence”  no walls; no cold faced psychophants with ties too tight controlling media questions to the point of neutering us.

One of the things he was most proud of was that each election he led his party the seat total rose.  Now Mr. Layton is on the precipice of the biggest seat total in NDP history.

If you have watched his leadership as well he hasn’t gripped his team on short leashes the way Mr. Harper has either.  He’s allowed people like Outremont MP Thomas Mulcair to weave their magic, and he’s opened the doors for Canadians to see that Quebecer’s really are a part of Canada and proud of their Canadian heritage.

The Orange surge has bull dozed Quebec according to the polls; a slap at the Bloc who recently wheeled out Jacques Kevorkian Parizeau to all but finish them in the province if the polls pan out.

Speaking of which here is the latest from EKOS.

courtesy of EKOS

While growing up my father always told me that in Quebec people usually sit back and then vote for the winning government.  It’s as though they have a gene and instinctively know how to vote whether it be for Pierre Trudeau or Brian Mulroney, or Jean Chretien.

According to the numbers released by Frank Graves it looks like Quebec has given the nod to Thomas Mulcair and his leader Jack Layton, and that Canada seems to be following.

There’s a Chinese curse about living in interesting times.    May 2, Canadians get to make their choice, and things sure won’t be boring in this election.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Another one to watch is the Desnethe-Missinippi- Churchill River riding of northern Saskatchewan. One of the largest in area, the NDP candidate Lawrence Joseph is getting huge numbers out to vote for the first time. Not to mention he has already secured support from both Liberals and people who voted Conservative in the last election. Historically, no candidate has held this riding for two consecutive election cycles. Party affiliation has little meaning in this riding. The polls say Conservative, but they are polling the towns which always vote conservative. They are not contacting the aboriginal community which makes up 65% of this riding. People in the riding are already calling it for NDP regardless of what national polls say.

  2. the harper curse is coming to an end !

  3. Hello NDP. Goodbye economy.

  4. Sitting on the edge of my chair. As long as Harper does not get a majority, I will be happy, He has already told reporter’s he will not play with an NDP opposition. Poor baby was never taught to share his toys! 🙂

  5. Only one poll that counts. You all know which one that is.

  6. Prime Minister Layton still needs either the conservatives in Ontario to switch votes or the liberals to prop him up – something easier said than done.

  7. Not to mention the nasty “C” word, but if these seat projections hold true and if the Conservatives don’t show a spirit of cooperation in the next parliament, there could be a coalition just large enough to form a majority government which would not even involve the Bloc. Makes for some interesting politics in Canada’s future! “Where no Canadian has gone before”…lol…sorry for the cheesy Star Trek reference.

  8. Hello Mario Leclerc, goodbye Stephen Harper

  9. What a sweet relief it would be if Harper gets yet another minority and is replaced by someone with sense of fairness and morals. Layton will make a fine leader of the Official Opposition. The Libs have had over five years as Official Opposition, and they didn’t do their job.

  10. I would feel a tremendous relief if Harper got his due, Canada can not afford another assault on its cultural and civil society by the barbarians. I am a older person and economically OK, but I have worked hard for a better political future for our young. I tryly wish the younger people would come out and vote, it is their future, and I trust they will make a good choice.

    Let’s paint the country red and orange.

  11. Willie, wake up and smell the coffee

  12. I find it quite interesting that the Canadian Voters may be waking to the fact that Government is not only about sound fiscal management, but it is also about doing what is not only best but what is right by and for the people being governed. I have noticed through several Federal and Provincial administrations, that the Right Wing Parties always say they are better at managing economies but consistantly prove themselves wrong. At the sam time the Center andLeft is said to not be able to manage a penut stand, but consistantly not only balance budgets and start to pay down debt inherated from the previous right. All this while improving services. Hmmmmm?

  13. As long as the Bloc is not there- I (social liberal, fiscal centrict) am all for a NDP-LPS coalition. Happy to live in interesting times. Just dopn’t (please don’t) mess with the mines and oilsands, ok?
    Abolishing the Senate, free trade with Asia/Russia/EU, legalization of pot/ euthanasia/ prostitution, National daycare– all these wonderful things can now come into being !

  14. A Jack Layton win would be a total disaster for the country. The first thing the idiot will do is shut down the only economic engine the country has right now in this recession, the oilsands. Then he will cripple big business with higher taxes. And then top it off with multi-billion dollar social spending programs. Harper is correct. It will take generations to recover from an NDP victory. Hopefully the wave has crested and Canadians will regain their senses before Monday.

  15. Excellent posts in from Furtz, wevers, and Gary Beyer. Let’s hope Canadians share their good sense next Monday.

  16. If the NDP comes 2nd then the coalition is dead because the Liberals insider attitude (i.e.their divine right to govern.) will prevent them from joining with a NDP led P.M. & Government. Both parties will have to learn to tolerate a Conservative Government for a couple of years. Maybe by then there will be some new leadership faces on the scene and we will get out of this minority government quagmire.

  17. How many courics does Stephen Harper Weigh?

  18. It truly is amazing how Harper can come across acting as if he actually cares about Canadians.
    It is also amazing how Canadians can somehow believe that he is doing what is good for them.
    Some basic facts that are undeniable: he says he will commit to the health care accord, well he has to it was made law. Harper said he would not TAX income trusts- he did much to the detriment to seniors hard earn savings that Harper said he would protect. Harper has appointed more senators in one case 18 of them when he said Senate reform is necessary and then should be ELECTED, at a time when Canda was in a recession he bloats a part of government and now says he can find efficiencies?? Harper had his chance to not incur even more to the $56 Billion deficit.
    The list goes on and on with fraudsters, election Canada court cases, F-35 war planes, the mega prisons that will be named Harper Hotels for all his fundraising friends, etc. but he has to pull all of this off with this remaining off the radar for anyone to question:

  19. Stan, Every morning lately I have been smelling Coffey’s Coffee, and I liked it, hehe.

  20. The more polls I read, especially from Quebec, the more it looks like we’ll have another Reformatory minority. If this comes to pass, Harper will be quitting politics to “spend more time with his wife and kids” and join Mike Harris and Preston Manning at the Fraser Institute. We can dream, can’t we?

  21. Already has bought a “sympathy” card to send to Harper! 🙂 I am soooo tired of him telling people what Canadians want, he has never been close to knowing what we want, living in a fantasy world all of his own. Harper cannot play nice with others, he made his point. 🙂

  22. I agree Diane. Most people are fed up with the nasty personal attacks that Harper relies on to quell dissent. It’s looking like the Reformatories are toast with their dream of grabbing absolute power. Let’s hope that saner minds prevail.

  23. just want to clarify my last comment
    My reference to “Corporation Welfare” and “Iceland deregulation” were to show what the right wing politics of the world have acheived

    you can also google “trickle down economics” which will turn a Very Rich country like Canada into a country that 5% of the population controls 95% of the economy, sort of like some of the countries that have had public revolts recently…..comprende?

    and to end
    Does anyone know what the debt of Canada has risen to since Harper took over?
    well read this then
    and some say that the NDP are Money Mad……interesting indeed

  24. It’s interesting that Cons believe that Bob Rae was personally responsible for the downturn of the American economy in the early nineties that caused the recession in Ontario. They also believe that Mike Harris turned the American economy around, which brought Ontario out of the recession.

  25. I also drink Coffey’s Coffee every morning. If Canadians deny Harper his majority, the coffee will taste even better on Tuesday morning. If Bernadette Clement wins locally, I might even spice up my coffee on Tuesday morning. Get out and vote.

  26. GEF
    I like the link you provided. Thank you!!
    I suggest you read “The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order” written by Michael Chossudovsky. It explains in more detail what the video is all about. Too it shows that this economic occurrence is not new. The same scenario was faced by ancient civilizations such as Rome and Egypt. It seems to be an unstoppable economic balancing act.
    The person in the YouTube clip has found a way to point the finger at Harper to suit his agenda, this whole mess is bigger then Harper. We can do the same thing with Nostradamus predictions. Hind sight is always 20/20. If we look at how much people in North America are paid for manufacturing it is easy to understand why we cannot sell our products in third world countries where the biggest populous exists. There is a need for some of this change.
    In a sense we are victims of our own greed. If the average person looks at all the things they own I think they can say we pretty much have what we need in a materialistic sense. Industry must change their principals as well and work on a build to last approach with a slow progression in improvement. If this does not happen soon nobody will be buying anything, cheap and fast manufacturing ethics will fill homes with everything the rich will stay rich and the poor will suffer.

    There are two additional books written by Naomi Klein. “No Logo” which speaks of companies such as Nike using off shore companies or sweat shops to manufacture a product on the same assembly line as Adidas would.
    Then she has written “The Shock Doctrine” I am in the process of reading this book. It is related to the people governments and corporations benefitting from the current economic instability.

    An prime example would is how the US has caused turmoil in the middle east devastating their economy and currencies. Iranian Rials will stop selling on the money market soon because the US is buying their currency, as are money traders but not at the magnitude the countries are. The Dinar in Iraq is on the same path.
    Then once the turmoil ends, The US and their compadres once have yet again achieved a Coup d’etat” the dinar will rise and more than likely above the US dollar again allowing the US to pay off their debt.

  27. Good day to All,
    Smee, your comment is very apprapo.
    I believe that is is not so much Stephen Harper to blame but the idealogies that his “Reform” party follow.
    (his is NOT like your parents PC Party) .
    This recent shift started by Reagan with his “Trickle Down Economics” push.
    What the average person does not want to realise is that if we reducde the size of government and shift wealth to majot corporations, eventually we will end up with a country that has no way to build up or fix infrastructures because Tax had been reduced. Then we have the major corparations owing the majority of the wealth and people are left with mcjobs, because they will never allow their wealth to “Trickle Down” to the poor.
    Please think about it people
    Canada’s social programs and infracture were not built up to its present state with low taxes and smaller government.
    Do we want to head towards a society that a smll few owns the major wealth and the rest of us have a very hard time living day to day.
    Pleaae go out and vote and encourage others to do the same.

  28. FXXX harper. XXXk em fXXX off harper. XXXk off. burn with hitler. XXXk off….3$%%^ fXXX off harper eat sXXX Lauson you rat bastard piece of XXXt, XXXk off. ten thousand nuns on horse back will carve out your skulls and turn your raw brains into soup – wave the red flag – wave the black flag – throw unpleasant objects### Harper = ranque vermin.
    This was an un-paid, fair time, wine induced,
    political ad from the,” Harper Can, FXXX Right Off, Society Of The Right Sort”.

  29. Willie191, this is the link that you are looking for
    it is 6 of one and 1/2 a dozen of the other
    In other words the, spirit of a coalition was there for Stevy
    Teflon Steve is doing his magic
    the people of Canada WILL come to their senses
    Spread the word and get out and Vote

  30. Say what you want right down to the last minute… ain’t gonna help anything. Things happen in their natural order.

  31. As a devout Pastafarian, my prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster regarding the federal election tomorrow, goes as follows.
    Please, Oh Noodly One, Have Stephen Harper and his Reformatories, win a diminished minority, giving Mr Harper the opportunity to do the following: Quit politics so he has can spend more time with his wife and kids, be born-again a few more times, and join his soul-mates at the Fraser Institute.
    And Please, Oh Noodly One, unlock the door of Stornoway for Jack. As an old Dipper, I’m almost walking funny at the thought of that idea!
    As for the Liberals, Oh Noodly One, do what you wish. Although I like Iggy, the party has been too busy eating it’s own for the last five or six years to be useful. We need a real opposition to the Reformatories, and the Libs aren’t up to the job just yet.

  32. Paul
    The infrastructure changes have little to do with corporate taxes, they are primarily from the general public paying taxes. The idea was to give corporations a break in hopes it would trickle down to business practices and employees, but we can see the results. It is an unfortunate scenarion as once the ball starts down the gutter it is too difficult to lift it back out with out penalty.

    The small minds of people are quite prominent, Harper like so many politicians this day and times are merely pawns for a entittes such the IMF, IFI’s the world banks. No matter who we elect we will see the same scenarios and solutions played out. The only difference is which institutions will benefit from playing along.

    Long gone are any form of true politician. We can only choose the best of the evils at this point. That is unless we follow the middle east and rise against and a country.

  33. Hey smee, If you ever decide to have two oars in the water, I’ll sell you the one you’re missing really cheap. Small minds, fueled by large cravats of wine seem to be everywhere these days. Looking forward to tomorrow evening.

  34. Author

    Now Furtz, there’s nothing wrong with a li’l Vino….

  35. Hello Everybody,
    I hope we all end up happy tomorrow night
    election results or vino induced 🙂
    Get out and Vote

  36. hey Admin,
    Furtz seems to be the bartender here tonight and the biggest customer
    Shit…….. Canadians can be very funny at times

  37. Good work Reform-a-Tories
    Better Job Jack
    we’ll see how it goes in 4 to 5 years
    till then People, stay involved

  38. “As a devout Pastafarian, my prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster regarding the federal election tomorrow, goes as follows”. I guess Furtz, your god is to busy to answer your prayer!

    1Ki 18:27 At noon, Elijah began making fun of them. “Pray louder!” he said. “Baal must be a god. Maybe he’s day-dreaming or using the toilet or traveling somewhere. Or maybe he’s asleep, and you have to wake him up.”

  39. Yup. The Flying Spaghetti Monster let me down big time. I’ll have a few stern words with Him.

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